Maleficent Costume Wing Ideas for the Adult or Young Maleficent

Young Maleficent's Brown Wing
Young Maleficent’s Brown Wing

When I first looked at the Maleficent costume I decided that the wings might be one of those parts of the costume that would need to be purchased; they were such an amazing part of her costume that they seemed too complicated to make.

However we had a request from a visitor, Carol who asked if I had any instructions for Maleficent’s wings (and horns), so I decided to see what I could find. What I discovered that depending on the method, creating your own Maleficent Wings can be a very time consuming and potentially expensive, but very rewarding project.

If want to try your hand at making your own Maleficent Wings I found a variety of written and video tutorials for making wings using a number of different materials: feathers, fabric or felt, foam sheets, paper, polyethylene foam and even wire and panty hose. Choose what works with your skills, time and costuming budget.

Maleficent Costume Wing Ideas is a Requested/Suggested Costume

Instructions for making Maleficent horns and wings was a request from a visitor, Carol. I thought the wings would be a costuming challenge, but since it was a request to the Costume Detective site I decided to see what I could find.

Thank you Carol for the great costume suggestion. 

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