Young Maleficent Horns and DIY Maleficent Horns

Young Maleficent with her
Magnificent Fairy Horns

One of the most striking features of Disney’s new Maleficent character are her horns, which have become an iconic feature of the Maleficent movie and earlier Sleeping Beauty.

These awesome animal-inspired horns grow from the top of her head making her look like an antelope or a kudo.

Those interested in dressing up as Maleficent, either young or old need some kind of horns to complete the costume look. You just can’t be Maleficent without wearing her classic horns.

The challenge is finding horns for younger children is finding ones that are not too heavy or not too large.*

Maleficent Movie Trivia
* Angelina Jolie had to have the horns made detatchable with magnets after having nearly knocking herself by ramming her horns into the roof of her trailer.

Pre-Made vs DIY

For Young Maleficent’s horns you have two options. One is buying Maleficent horns, the other is making your own. (You could see if you can rent or borrow them.)

Maleficent Deluxe Horns
Maleficent Deluxe Horns

Deciding which way to go may depend a lot on the time you have available for making a costume, what you need to make during that time and how crafty you actually are or are feeling.

For my Maleficent costume, I went ahead and splurged and purchased the Maleficent Deluxe horns because I was spending time working on the costume.

These deluxe horns were the closest ones that I could find that look like Maleficent’s actual horns that she wears au naturale as a young girl and an older fairy before she is wounded by Stefan and covers them up with elaborate headdresses.

These black horns have the ridges and grooves like one would see on a ram, an antelope or a kudo. For young Maleficent you might want to paint them brown.

For younger girls, the DIY options may be better, since you can adjust the sizes to fit the head of a younger child. In the Young Maleficent Horns and DIY Horn Ideas page, I review several of the pre-made horns available and also have several ideas, links, tutorials and suggestions for DIY Maleficent horn ideas from clay, felt, paper and yarn.

The DIY versions are especially good for young Maleficents who might even want to make their own horns as part of their costume instead of having Mom or Grandma make it.

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