Young Maleficent Movie Costume – The First DIY Costume Posted

young_maleficent_closeYoung Maleficent’s Fairy Costume from Disney’s Maleficent movie is the first DIY costume posted to the Costume Detective.

This costume breakdown is one of the ones that I figured out after seeing Maleficent and the obvious need for a Young Maleficent costume, when she was the impish, spunky woodland fairy.

With the DIY Young Maleficent Fairy Costume I take a look at ways to modify or make her dress along with all of the extras needed to complete the costume. Some are easier to purchase, others can be crafted or made repurposing other items.

Young Maleficent is a Requested/Suggested Costume

In addition to being one of my favorite DIY costume ideas for young girls and tweens for Halloween 2014, the Young Maleficent costume was one of the costumes requested by Gretchen, one of the first visitors to the Costume Detective site.

Thank you Gretchen for the great suggestion. 

Young Maleficent Images from Disney’s Maleficent. See Disney Maleficent on Facebook.

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