Frozen Pumpkins for Halloween and the Holidays

The sisters from Arendelle—Elsa and Anna—from Disney’s Frozen were the theme for this year’s local pumpkin carving event, Illumination of the Jack-O’-Lanterns.

We came up with two themes. For Elsa, a Pumpkin Snow Flurry Centerpiece and for Anna (an Olaf) a “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” pumpkin.

Elsa Pumpkin Centerpiece
Disney Frozen Inspired Elsa Pumpkin Centerpiece

Anna Pumpkin Centerpiece
Disney Frozen Inspired Anna (and Olaf) Pumpkin
 “Most Awesome” Award  “Most Unusual” Award

I am pretty sure that our Frozen themed pumpkins made the event for a few very young Frozen fans who were so excited about seeing their favorite Frozen characters as pumpkins. Several of the toddlers were bubbling over with all of the words that they knew trying to describe the Frozen pumpkins.

Use the Pumpkin Centerpieces for the Holidays

One of the good things about the Frozen themed pumpkins is that (as long as the pumpkins last) they can be used both for Halloween and for Christmas decorations.

Swap out the pumpkins for more substantial bases (floral foam blocks, bricks, a foam cake or a large snowball) and take the pumpkin embellishing decorations to turn them into Frozen holiday centerpieces.

Annual Illumination of the Jack-O’-Lanterns

The Illumination of the Jack-O’-Lanterns is a fun, annual Halloween event held at Columbia State Historic Park in downtown Columbia, CA. Participants are encouraged to carve pumpkins in any family-friendly design of their choosing and then bring them in for judging.

At dusk all of the entries are illuminated in a beautiful light display.

Elsa Pumpkin Display
Elsa Pumpkin on Display

Anna Pumpkin on Display
Anna Pumpkin on Display

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