Discover the Secrets to Cinderella Live Hair Styles

ball_hair_closeDisney’s live version of Cinderella features several fun and wearable hairstyles, all of which are likely to be trending this year for proms, parties, weddings and Halloween.

With large soft lose curls highlighted with crystals to make her hair sparkle the style is elegant, glamorous and magical all at the same time—an updated style fitting for our new Cinderella.

Of course the question that everyone is asking about her ballroom hair style is,

“How can I get my hair to sparkle like Cinderella’s in the Ballroom?”

The secret (according to Allure) was real Swarovski crystals glued into Cinderella’s costume hair with surgical adhesives by hair stylist for the film Carol Hemming.

Two ways to recreate her hair sparkles are with iridescent rhinestones like the Clear Iron On Hair Crystals or even just using Silver Glitter either of which end up being much less expensive than using real Swarovski crystals.

See more ways to create a Sparkly hairstyle at the Cinderella Live Hair Style Ideas page.

Cinderella’s Hairstyles

The three hair styles featured in Cinderella include:

  • Her Everyday hair style is youthful, casual and fun with flowers tucked into a French braid.
  • Her At the Ball hair style is a part up, part down hairdo, also featuring braids. Depending on the long or short version it may be a French braid too.
  • Her Promotional hair style (seen above), the sparkly crystal version or the one seen in the movie posters for the film and much of the marketing materials, is likely to be the most sought-after, copied and recreated style.

See how to recreate these three styles and a bonus style for short hair at the Cinderella Live Hair Style Ideas page.

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