DIY Makeup Ideas for Disney’s Live Cinderella

natural_makeup_close Disney’s live version of Cinderella comes with two different makeup looks—one for everyday and one for ‘going to the ball.’

We’ve taken a look at her makeup looks in our latest page on Cinderella Live Makeup Featuring MAC Collection.

A special limited-edition collection from M.A.C. Cosmetics was released for the film. The Cinderella M.A.C. Collection, with shadows, eyegloss, lipstick, pigments, lipgloss and shimmery face powders—features one of the most wearable neutral palates of makeup.

The line is packaged in a gorgeous glimmering light lavender-blue, which may have contributed to many of the products selling out on the M.A.C. Cosmetics website.  I hope that the company decides to continue this very wearable product line.

Keep watching the site. We’re working on her hair and costume ideas too.

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