Minion Yellow Color Infograpic with Descriptions

In honor of the Minions new color, we created an infographic that includes many of the descriptions used to describe the various aspects of Minion Yellow. Perhaps is is better called a Minfograpic, after the Minions.

Our Minion Yellow infographics includes just some of the words and phrases used to describe the brand new Pantone® shade of yellow, named after the Despicable Me Minions.

Minion Yellow Descriptions
Minion Yellow Descriptions Infographic – Minfograpic


Just some of the many exuberant, gushing, and joyful words being used to describe the newest Pantone® color, Minion Yellow:

Illuminating, Sweet, Happy, Despicable,

Extroverted, Joyful, Uplifting, Goofy

Fun-loving, Sunshine, Subversive,

 Vibrant, Energizing and Playful

The entire list is included in the last post.

Read more about the new minion color and the entire list of descriptions in the “Minion Yellow is an Illuminating New Pantone Color” post.

Watch the Minions Introduce Minion Yellow

The original Facebook video in which the minions from the upcoming Minion Movie—Kevin, Bob and Stuart—enthusiastically show off the Minion Yellow was been taken down from Facebook. The amusing video went viral on Facebook April 21 with close to a million views.

The #Pantone #MinionYellow Video has already seen over 300,000 views since being re-posted again today, April 24. I am so happy that they uploaded the silly video again. Like so many of the Minion shorts, their silly antics put a smile on my face.

Note: It looks like Facebook’s nudity policy is not being enforced with the images of unclothed gender-less minions ;).

New favorite color! #Pantone #MinionYellow

Re-Posted by Minions on Friday, April 24, 2015


Make Your Own Minion Yellow Costume

In anticipation of the new Minion Movie we have been updating our Yellow Minion Costume pages to help you dress up like your favorite illuminating, energetic, friendly and fun-loving sidekick.


Is this Minion yellow your new favorite color?

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