Running with Sparkles for Motivation

Turquoise Tiara Visor
Make a Tiara Visor for Less than $16.00

For the past two years, I have made sure to wear a hat or a visor with sequins when participating in running/walking races, so I can least be dazzling and elicit smiles when I am doing it. If I can to it, others can too.

Adding sparkles to my running and walking wardrobe has been great personal motivation, since I usually not the first or the fastest person running. Wearing sparkles allows me to be radiant as I run and sparkle as I stride. Surprisingly wearing one of my sparkling baseball cap has been a great conversation starter with those I meet on the trails or just around town.

For the Girls on the Go Run in Sacramento that we participated in at the end of March, I made custom tiara visors using a sequin visor as the base. Since it was so quick and easy to make this sparkly addition to my running clothes, I figured it would be worth sharing as part of the new running section on the Costume Detective site.

Since many of the fun running events (like the RunDisney Runs) are popular ones to dress up in costumes, I’ve done some detective work looking for ideas and patterns to make fun, functional and fabulous running clothes and accessories.

To get started see the Make a Sparkly Running Tiara for Less than $12.00 and make your own unique sparkly running tiara.

Keep Calm and Sparkle On Mug
Keep Calm and Sparkle On Mug

Motivating Me + Others to Move More

I hope seeing a 50+ MomDoc is motivating other people to get out and move more too.

I know many times when I am out running, even slowly, I am getting comments from other people saying to “Go for it,” “Go Girl!” or that I’m “Inspiring.”

I want to inspire others to move more, since I know it will improve their health and well being. Run, stride or walk whatever works for you to get you out moving more.

Be radiant as you run,

Sparkle as you stride,

Wow them as you walk, but mostly

Feel marvelous as you move.

Kirsti A. Dyer,

Wearing a sparkly costume when you are being active is great motivation to move more.

Be watching for more running ideas and be sure to follow our “DIY Running Skirts, Tutus, Tiaras, Visors, Hats and Accessories” board on Pinterest.

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