Scarlet Overkill Costumes for Teens, Tweens & Girls

The little girl Scarlet Fan dressed up like Scarlet in the Minion Movie Trailer was sooo cute being overwhelmed with emotion of seeing Scarlet that she passes out shortly after this shot.

I realized there will be a lot of young girls, tweens and teens interested in dressing up like the new super female villain Scarlet too, so set out to write up a new Scarlet Costume Idea page focusing on the younger Scarlet fans—the teens, tweens (8 to 12 year olds) and girls.

Scarlet Overkill Fans
Family of Fans Dressing like Scarlet Overkill

Make, Modify or Mash-up a Scarlet Costume for Girls, Tweens & Teens

Young Scarlet Overkill Fan
Scarlet Overkill Costume Ideas for Girls

We just published another Scarlet Overkill costume page for girls, the DIY Scarlet Overkill Costumes for Teens & Tweens, who want to be sassy and sinister like Scarlet, but wearing a more age appropriate costume.

The costume idea page includes ideas for making, modifying or mashing up a Scarlet Overkill costume that can be worn by teens, tweens (8 to 12 year olds) and girls. It has a section for teens and one for tweens and girls, with a collection of pre-made dresses and patterns making a red Scarlet dress.

We’ve also included a list of what you might want to add as accessories to complete the costume, like the 3D glasses, her black choker necklace or her big ruby.



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