All Hail the King Bob Minion Costume

King Bob from the Minion Movie
Bob as King of England from the Minion Movie

The King Bob Minion costume from the Minion Movie is a very easy costume to make your own DIY or modify starting with the Basic Minion Costume.

Are you thinking about become King Bob this Halloween?

All you need—after you have your Official Minion Goggles, minion overalls and make up—is a red robe, a purple crown and a microphone.

Bob’s costume is part Queen of England and part Freddie Mercury (when he dresses up like a King). The most challenging part of the costume is finding a good crown, like the royal St. Edward’s crown worn by the Queen for special occasions.

It is easy to dress up like Bob when he is the King of England by making your own royal robe, or buying a few additional costume accessories. See how at our DIY King Bob Minion Costume Ideas from the Minion Movie.

Meet Bob as King

For those who don’t know Bob, the littlest minion, you can get a quick introduction to this silly little minion (my favorite from the movie) in this Instagram clip below:

A video posted by Minions (@minionnation) on


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