Costume Ideas for Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriend

Riley's Imaginary Boyfriend
Selfie Taking Boyfriend

He’s only in the movie for a few minutes total, but the stylish, selfie-taking ideal, imaginary boyfriend of Inside Out’s 11-year-old Riley, is a fun easy-to-do, last-minute costume that works for either gender.

The nameless, hair-swishing Canadian imaginary boyfriend (IBF)* main purpose in life other, than taking selfies, is to “Die for Riley”

*  We’ve labeled the nameless imaginary or ideal boy friend as an IBF.

A Quick, Last Minute Costume

With just a few basic clothing items, a cell phone, a tousled, pop star, wig and an easy to make “I would Die for Riley” sign you can pull together the costume in no time.

“I would Die for Riley!”

Inside Out fans of both genders have created their version of Riley’s IBF for different cosplay events. We’ve collected these great cosplay costume ideas for Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriend into a Pinterest Board with DIY ideas for this ideal crush, so you can see the different versions and customize your own.

For more information about putting together a costume for these scene stealing, character including “I would DIE for Riley!” signs to download and print see the DIY Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriend Costume Ideas page.

Selfie Taking to Saving the Day

When we first meet the nameless character, he is generated off an imagination land conveyor belt, announcing to Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong that, “I would die for Riley,” which looks to be his purpose in life. The scene is hilarious.

Eventually Joy takes him up on the offer as many of these replicated IBF’s work together to save the day and save Riley.

For Riley (Inside Out)
Riley’s Many Imaginary Boyfriends

“For Riley” image from the Costume Detective. Riley’s boyfriend modified teenager by mairin. Openclipart public domain license.

The Imaginary Boyfriend is an Easter Egg

The inspiration behind scene stealing imagination land generated ideal boyfriend is one of the biggest Easter Eggs or secret message hiding in Disney Pixar’s Inside Out movie.

Try to guess whom it might be, then take a look at our DIY Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriend Costume Ideas page for more information about the character.

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