DIY Teen or Mom Mavis Dracula Costume Ideas

We first met Mavis Dracula, the teenage daughter of Count Dracula in Hotel Transylvania (2012). With her own unique fashion sense—stylish, trendy, but not too scary—the teen vampire costume has been very popular with young girls, tweens, teens, cosplayers and those who like the Goth look.

Mavis wears almost all black with blood red accents and Gothic vampire-styled hair and makeup. She wears a black turtleneck dress and black and red striped stockings with sheer black fingerless gloves and bright red high top shoes (or boots).

Mavis as a Teenager
Mavis as a Teen

Mavis Dracula
Mavis as a Mom

In Hotel Transylvania 2 Mavis is now a Mom to little Dennis and a wife to her Zing, Johnny. Her fashion style hasn’t changed much at all, except as a mom her hair is a bit shorter.

To help you figure out how to put together your own Mavis look with clothes that you might even use after wearing the costume, we’ve got ideas for a teen costume, a mom costume, her hair and make up and even help with making her sheer fingerless gloves or arm warmers.

See the DIY Teen Mavis Costume Ideas, the DIY Mom Mavis Costume Ideas, the Mavis Makeup, Fangs and Hairstyle and the DIY Mavis Sheer Fingerless Gloves pages for more ideas, inspiration and resources to create your own Mavis costume.



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