Make Your Own Green Leaf Minion Goggles

Norbert, the ancient minion, wears green goggles with his very minimal costume. In order to dress like Norbert the modest minion or Kevin, the ancient minion, you also need to have a pair of green goggles.

Since they aren’t making official green minion goggles, we looked for ways to do it yourself.

Ancient Minion Trio
Ancient Minion Crowd in their Green Leaf Goggles
Green Minion Goggles
Green Leaf Minion Goggles

DIY Green Leaf Minion Goggles

The Green Leaf Minion Goggles, like the ones worn by the ancient minions, can be made in two ways.

The first ways is by taking a pair of regular goggles and covering them with green leaves or green felt, fabric, foamie, ribbon, floral, masking or Duck tape®.

The second way, which is less expensive, is making a pair of goggles by up-cycling cardboard tubes and then covering the tubes in one of the green materials.

For more details see our page on How to Make Green Leaf Minion Goggles.

Ancient Minion Group Costume Idea

Seaweed Boa
Seaweed Costume Boa

For those looking for a new group costume idea to wear for this Halloween, the ancient yellow minions are a unique minion costume with a bit of a twist.

Dress in the Birthday Suit Minion Costume, or in a Norbert Ancient Yellow Minion Costume and then add in your custom Green Leaf Minion Goggles.

If you want to wear a more modest version, add in a grass or seaweed skirt or fashion one from a seaweed costume boa.

Ancient Minion Images from the Minion Movie.

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