Norbert and Bello Yellow Minion Costume Ideas

We have two new unique yellow minion costume ideas for you, based on this summer’s hit movie. The first is to make your own ancient minion costume, like Norbert with DIY Norbert Ancient Yellow Minion Costume Ideas, the second is to make your own DIY Bello Yellow, Birthday Suit Minion Costume.

This Halloween there are likely to be many different kinds of costume variations on this summer’s yellow stars. We have two new costume ideas with Norbert and the Birthday Suit.

Norbert, the Ancient Minion Costume

Ancient Minions
Norbert and other Ancient Minions

Norbert is one of the Ancient Minions who crawled out of the ocean to live online in the times of the dinosaurs, estimated to be 65 million B.C.E.

He is perhaps the most modest of all of the minions, because as he comes out of the water, he pulls starfish to cover up part of his torso or upper chest area. This action makes for an interesting twist to the yellow ancient minion costume.

Norbert’s version of the ancient yellow minion costume is easy to make. Start with the green goggles, attach starfish to a yellow body suit. Add a green seaweed skirt to the costume if you want a bit more coverage.

See our page on  DIY Norbert Ancient Yellow Minion Costume Ideas for more details.

Ancient Minion Images from the Minion Movie, when they have just seen the dinosaur.

Bello Yellow, Birthday Suit Minion Costume

Bob Minion
Bob in his Birthday Suit Costume

The idea for a Birthday Suit Minion Costume, also known as a Bello Yellow Minion Costume came when the official Minion Yellow color was announced from Pantone®.

These are also the minions that arrive in New York and are walking around looking for news clothes, when we get a view of their backsides.

The birthday suit minion just needs a yellow body suit, or yellow top and pants.

Don’t forget the all important minion accessories—minion goggles and gloves.

For more ideas to help your create your own Bello Yellow Minion Costume see our DIY Bello Yellow, Birthday Suit Minion Costume page.

For even another unique, fast and easy minion costume ideas, see our tribute to King Bob, another fun costume variant, with DIY King Bob Minion Costume Ideas.

Bob Minion Images from the Minion Movie.

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