Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer Rhyme

Like many fans of the first Alice in Wonderland, we have been waiting for news about the sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, wondering what the story line would be. What we know about the story is that Alice goes back in time to save the Mad Hatter.

Perhaps more important to costuming and cosplay fans is finding out what the costumes would look like. Colleen Atwood returns as the costume designer for the sequel.

Alice at the Mirror
Alice at the Mirror

Alice at the Mirror screen shot from Youtube.

The first teaser was posted to Twitter on November 1, with the ominous, “Its Time to Go Back” (a helpful reminder to turn back the clocks).

We get a glimpse of her Mandarin costume, the very vibrantly colored new attire, she wears in this sequel undoubtedly inspired by her many seafaring adventures to the Orient.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer

The first full trailer was released yesterday November 5 and it’s already creating quite the buzz, especially among Alice in Wonderland fans.

For those, who like me were fascinated by the Lewis Carroll like rhyme, I’ve included the quote or new poem for this post.

When the day becomes the night

And the sky becomes the sea

When the clock strikes heavy

And there’s no time for tea

And in our darkest hour

Before my final rhyme

She will come back home to Wonderland

And turn back the hands of Time.

Who is the Narrator in the Trailer?

I haven’t been able to place the voice, but it isn’t Absolem (Alan Rickman) or Chess (Stephen Fry), but I am going to keep listening. It seems that it might be one of the new additions for this movie. I am wondering if it might be Rhys Ifans who has been brought in to play Zanik Hightopp, The Mad Hatter’s Father.

Since the Christopher Lee’s death, who was the voice of the Jabberwocky and provided narration in many of Tim Burton’s movies, it will be interesting to discover who this new mysterious narrator is. We’ll pass on anything we hear.

Alice Through the Looking Glass poem
Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer Poem/Quote

Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer Poem/Quote image composite created using clock vector by Fatalyze under use rules,  bicycle and decorative vine from Openclipart and vintage tea cup from Vintage Printables. The last three are in the public domain.

Alice in Wonderland on DVD
Alice in Wonderland on DVD

Release Date – Memorial Day 2016

While anxiously we wait for Memorial Day 2016 be watching the site as we update our old Alice in Wonderland pages, based on the 2010 movie for the Costume Detective.

These costumes pages, like the Mad Hatter’s Hat and Alice’s costume along with many of our ideas for creating Mad Hatter tea parties, were very popular with the first movie and are likely to continue to be popular again with the sequel.

In the meantime, while waiting, since it has been five years,  you might want to re-watch the Alice in Wonderland Movie on demand or on DVD and get reacquainted with all of the unique cast of characters,  human and CGI.

Our DIY Alice Through the Looking Glass Costume Ideas Pinterest Board

Follow along on the Pinterest board we recently created to collect costume image and ideas for the upcoming Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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