Give Away an Anonymous Christmas Jar this Season

Christmas Jar
Give a Christmas Jar Anonymously

I discovered the feel-good story of the Christmas Jar and the spirit of giving seven years ago when researching on making quick and easy jar gifts for the holiday season.

While not the traditional gift item, the concept of giving an Anonymous Holiday Jar or a Holiday Giving Jar is one that shares the true meaning of the holiday season, thinking of others.

In 2008 I wrote the article “Give a Christmas Jar or Anonymous Holiday Jar” to share this wonderful holiday giving tradition. The article was featured first on other platforms before finding its way to this site.

The original decorated jar graphic (see right) has been pinned and repinned all over Pinterest for the past three years as people discover and share the giving tradition.

The idea and the tradition is such a wonderful one that it needs be passed on and shared, so we’ve included it in the new Holiday section of this site as the updated, Give a Christmas Jar as a Caring Holiday Tradition. You’ll want to pass on the idea to your friends and family.

If you get started now, there is still enough time to make a jar before Christmas. Learn how easy it is to Make your own Jar in time for this holiday season.

What is a Christmas Jar?

A Christmas Jar is a glass (or plastic) jar filled with coins and bills anonymously left at the holidays for people in need. It is a wonderful heart-warming tradition to bless others and create cherished holiday memories with your family, children and even grandchildren.

Christmas Jars
Jason F. Wright’s Xmas Jar Book

Word about the giving jar tradition started becoming known in 2005 by author Jason F. Wright with the publication of the book, now celebrating a 10 year anniversary.

This heart-warming story, which became a New York Times Best Selling Book, is about the power of hope and how giving can transform a person. To date over half a million copies of the story have been sold. No word on the number of jars given to those in need. With the anonymous nature of the idea, it would be impossible to track.

Jason Wright was interviewed by Glenn Beck about this tradition for the Glenn Beck Show. Take a look at the video interview from 2006 to learn more Learn about the tradition of saving a year’s worth of spare change to give to someone in need at the holiday.

You may want to include a note about the tradition and a copy of the book when you give away your Holiday Money Jar.

By writing this book, Jason has encouraged people to give back, to practice random acts of kindness and to look for opportunities to help others.

I have been told of jars brimming with change left in the dead of night, jars handed off to strangers in hospital parking lots, jars magically appearing on kitchen counters, the work of caring, stealthy neighbors.

Children have opened their eyes Christmas morning to find gifts and joy they could only have dreamed of days before…

Jason F. Wright on the Miracles of the Jars

Most of all he has found a way for people to spread the spirit of the holiday…whichever holiday you might be celebrating.

See the Give a Christmas Jar as a Caring Holiday Tradition page to learn more about How to Make your own Jar in time for this holiday season.

Spread the Word about the Idea of an Anonymous Christmas Jar

Share (and pin) the jar image above, the infographic below or the one on the Give a Christmas Jar as a Caring Holiday Tradition page with others to help spread the word.

Give a Christmas Jar
Give a Christmas Jar Infographic

Jar Image composite from Microsoft Image, Corel Images and Recycle 2 by jaylopez, FreeImages License.

Infographic made in Canva.

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