DIY Comfy, Cozy Sadness Sweater Costume Ideas

That's so Sad
That’s so Sad…

To help you make your own Comfy, Cozy and Toasty-warm Sadness Costume from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, we have created one costume page and two craft or accessories pages. (Click on the links to jump to more info)

Sadness was my favorite emotion character from Inside Out for a variety of reasons.

She was the costume that I wanted to be for Halloween 2015, when we went to the Disneyland Halloween. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to go last year and we missed getting tickets for this year.

Even Sadness thinks that is sad that I didn’t get to go to Disneyland’s Mickey’s Halloween Party and dress up like her.

I think the Inside Out characters will be very popular costumes and cosplay dress up ideas for many years. The five emotions emotions―Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear―are proving to be very popular with group Halloween costumes.

Why do so Many People Resonate with Sadness?

While people thought Joy would be the favorite character and heroine and yet Sadness turned out to be the ‘breakout’ star of Inside Out. She was my favorite emotion of the five because she seems more real. She expresses real life unhappy emotions, what some refer to as “Debbie Downer.” Yet these are the emotions that many would like to express and not be expected to be happy like Joy all of the time.

Phyllis Smith, the voice of Sadness, offered these insights on why so many people resonated with this melancholy character,

This movie shows it’s okay to be sad. There is a place for it.

And the film so brilliantly leads you to acknowledge that.

Phyllis Smith

For more about the science behind the movie, I found two good resources. BrainCraft (Vanessa Hill) on PBS looked emotions and in partcular at The Power of Sadness in Inside Out. Nerdwriter1 (Evan Puschak) takes a more scientific view at Inside Out including Paul Eckman’s model of emotions used as the basis of the emotions in Inside Out Inside Out: Emotional Theory Comes Alive.

Sadness Comforts Bing Bong

One of the more poignant scenes from the movie is when Sadness stops to comfort Bing Bong. The rocket ship he used to play in with Riley gets tossed into the memory dump, as her memories are being recycled and eventually forgotten.

Sadness: “I’m sorry they took your rocket. They took something that you loved, it’s gone forever.”

Bing Bong: “It’s all I had left of Riley.”

This scene underscores the importance of sorrow and sadness in life. She is doing what needs to be done when comforting someone who has experienced a major loss—letting Bing Bong be sad, remember and share his stories about his time with Riley.

Embracing Sadness’ Sweater-Based Costume

Sadness Sweater-based Costume from Disney Pixar Inside Out
Sadness Sweater-based Costume

Time Magazine’s Eliana Dockterman predicted that Sadness would be the hit 2015 Halloween costume based on the number of Blue cosplay characters seen at the summer Comic-Con in San Diego. In deed, the Sadness costume was very popular for both children and adults.

Sadness Halloween costumes could start a revolution because Halloween for so long has been about skimpy outfits.

Eliana Dockterman

This long-sleeved sweater-based costume makes sense for children who are going to be out at night trick-or-treating in cold weather. A sweater and pants costume can also be worn by adults who may be out with them, or adults out at night for Halloween. The scuff, spa slippers may need to be swapped for clogs or mules to make it easier for walking outside.

I predict her costume along with the rest of the Inside Out emotion costumes are going to be popular for many, many years. With the number of costume items available on Amazon

Let’s hope her sweater-based costume starts a new trend and the number of children and adults dressing up in comfortable sweaters instead of skimpy outfits increases for this year.

Image from Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

Make a Comfy, Cozy, Toasty Sweater Costume

To figure out how you can make your own comfy, cozy outfit, the DIY Sadness Costume from Disney Pixar Inside Out page breaks down everything you need to make her oh sooo blue costume from hair and clothes to makeup.

We also have craft pages to help recreate two of her important accessories—her purple glasses, with the DIY Sadness Purple Glasses and the DIY Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual to help you make, Volume 47.

The Sadness Purple Glasses page and the Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual page include templates to will help you create her important costume accessories.

From Disney Pixar Inside Out
DIY Sadness Costume Ideas from Inside Out

DIY Sadness Glasses Template
DIY Sadness Purple Glasses from Inside Out

Long Term Memory Manual Mockup
DIY Sadness’s Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual
Disney Pixar Inside Out
Disney Pixar Inside Out

Relive Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

Grab a copy of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out  for your own if you don’t have one already so you can watch it at home.

The fun family movie and one of our favorite summer movies from 2015. It was the number 1 best selling movie in Movies & TV’s on Amazon even before it was released.

Sadness’s costume and accessories join the fun DIY Riley’s Imaginary Boyfriend Costume Ideas from last year. With luck there will be a few more costume ideas from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.

In the meantime follow our DIY Disney Pixar Inside Out Movie Costume Ideas Pinterest board for updates.

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