Why do We love Disney Pixar Inside Out’s Sadness?

Melancholy Spirals Ringer Mug

Melancholy Spirals Ringer Mug by Disney

Even though critics were predicting Joy would be the most popular of the Inside Out emotions, Sadness, along with Disgust, Fear and Anger, ended up being fan favorites too.

The bluest emotion captures a lot of the melancholy emotions that people are normally feeling and somehow turns rainbows into melancholy spirals, like in the image to the right.

I believe that Sadness is so beloved because she does, says and expresses what many of us would really like to do, say or express. We’d like to cry out when frustrated or feeling blue, fall down when tired and be gloomy (a bit like Eeyore) on rainy days.

She describes why she likes rain to Joy,

“…when the rain runs down our back, and makes our shoe soggy. And we get all cold, shivery and everything just starts feeling droopy.”

Sadness has become a popular costume choice for children, teens, tweens and adults.

 Why Sadness was my Favorite Emotion

Sadness was my favorite emotion out of the five from the film for many different reasons:

Sadness Looking Sad
Sadness Looking Sad

First, she appeals to the ‘nerd’ in many of us with her big round glasses and unfashionable clothes.

Second, she appeals to the middle-schooler in all of us thinking she isn’t important and doesn’t fit in.

Third, she wears her emotions, she is literally and figuratively blue. You just want to give her a big hug.

Fourth, her teardrop or pear-shaped body is plus-size and Mom friendly.

Fifth, she wears comfortable clothes—a huge sweater, pull-on pants and scuff slippers. These are the clothes you might actually wear if you spent all day at home on the couch being sad and blue.

Sixth, she makes wearing blue stylish, so being blue is ok.

Blue is the new “in” Color.

Image from Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

Sadness Quotes

She comes up with so many funny lines in the movie. Phyllis Smith is so masterful in conveying her blue mood.

Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.

I’m too sad to walk. Just give me a few… hours.

Sorry, I went sad again, didn’t I?

Remember the funny movie where the dog died?

On Rain: More like when the rain runs down our back, and makes our shoe soggy. And we get all cold, shivery and everything just starts feeling droopy.

Yeah, we could cry until we can’t breathe.

I like Tragic Vampire Romance Island.

Many of them also ended up being popularized as Internet memes.

I’ll just lie here until tomorrow.

I’m so deflated.

Sadness is Monday.

Waiting is the Saddest Part.

Spilled Milk is the least of my Problems.

Give me a moment or two.

Would anyone mind if I just lie here?

I created our own Sadness photo meme based on the “Sorry, I went sad again, didn’t I?” quote for Instagram, which took off on Pinterest:

Our Sadness meme has became a very popular Costume Detective Pinterest pin.

Sadness lets People be Blue

Sadness on Fabric Teardrop
Sadness’ Image on Fabric
One explanation for her unexpected popularity was summarized in this interview with Phyllis Smith, the voice of Sadness:

Maybe it’s their way to express themselves without having to be embarrassed about it or having to actually talk about their sad feelings.

They can just run around looking blue.

Phyllis Smith on Sadness

If you dress up like this blue emotion, you don’t have to go around feeling happy, you can run around looking blue.

It is a apropos costume idea for those feeling a bit melancholy or those who don’t run around smiling all of the time (like Joy).

Make or Mash-up Your Own Sadness Costume

This costume is very easy to pull together if you have some of the clothes already. Any light colored over-sized sweater will work from blue, to gray, to beige or even white. Pair with royal blue leggings, yoga pants or running tights.

Put on a short blue wig, big oval glasses and blue make up and you’re ready to go. Just practice your Sadness quotes and memes.

See our pages on DIY Sadness Costume Ideas from Inside Out for Adults and the DIY Sadness Costume Ideas for Girls and Tweens for more details.

From Disney Pixar Inside Out
DIY Sadness Costume Ideas for Adults
Sadness Costume for Teens
DIY Sadness Costume Ideas for Girls and Tweens


The extra accessories are going to be what makes your own version of Sadness costume stand out. The Sadness Purple Glasses page and the Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual page include templates to will help you create her important extras.

DIY Sadness Glasses Template
DIY Sadness Purple Glasses from Inside Out

Long Term Memory Manual Mockup
DIY Sadness’s Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual

Have Your Morning Coffee with Sadness

One of Those Days Ringer Mug
One of Those Days Ringer Mug by Disney

I ordered two different large (15 oz.) Sadness mugs from Zazzle which I often use for my morning coffee.

The one to the right has her turning happy yellow thoughts into blue ones, in “One of Those Days.”

I find this thought to be comforting when it really is one of those days.

The Melancholy Spiral mug at the top is good for those days when you really aren’t feeling like everything is rainbows and sunshine.

I ordered both of mine as a ringer mug with medium blue handles, but there are other options on Zazzle.

The mugs are an easy way to Keep Sadness with you, which surprisingly, just may brighten up your day.

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