Costume Accessories

This is our creative collection of DIY costume accessories to add to your costume. Look for the costumes at the Costumes index page.

We have costume accessories for Disney’s Maleficent, Disney•Pixar Inside Out, Hotel Transylvania, The Minions and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Maleficent Movie Accessories & Crafts

Ideas for making your own Maleficent Horns, Wings and the accessories worn by Young Maleficent—her beaded necklace, bracelet, anklet and treasure bag.

Young Maleficent Necklace, Bracelet & Treasure Bag

Maleficent Adult Wing
Maleficent Costume Wing Ideas Young or Adult 

Young Maleficent Horns
Young Maleficent Horns and DIY Horn Ideas

Disney•Pixar Inside Out

Download our templates to make your own Sadness Purple Glasses or the all-important Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual to complete your Sadness costume.

Sadness in Purple Glasses
DIY Sadness’s Purple Glasses

Long Term Memory Manual Mockup
DIY Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual 

Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania) – Sheer Hand Warmers

Learn how to make your own sheer hand warmers like the one’s worn by Mavis Dracula.

Mavis Dracula Hand warmer
DIY Mavis Dracula Sheer Fingerless Gloves

Minion & Despicable Me Accessories

Make your own Minion goggles in a variety of different styles, including the new Green Leaf Goggles for the Ancient Minions.

Upside down Minion
5 Ways to Make Minion Goggles

Green Minion Goggles
How to Make Green Leaf Minion Goggles

Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead Crafts

Craft a beautiful Rose crown or embellish with butterflies for the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Girl with Red and White Rose Flower Crown
DIY Rose Crown for Dia de los Muertos