Disney Frozen Inspired Elsa Pumpkin Centerpiece

Elsa Pumpkin Centerpiece Close up
Elsa Pumpkin Snow Flurry Centerpiece

This year for the annual local event Illumination of the Jack-O’-Lanterns event, I created Frozen themed pumpkins in honor of Disney’s Frozen.

I figured it would be a fun idea to bring to life and might also be a fun theme for any of the little Frozen fans attending the pumpkin display event.

We ended up creating two different pumpkins, one for each of the sisters from Arendelle—an Elsa Snow Flurry Pumpkin (on this page) and an Anna, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” pumpkin.

After making the pumpkin centerpiece I realized real potential advantage to using the Frozen theme is that they double as both fall (pumpkin) and winter decorations, which could be used all the way to December, if the pumpkins last that long.*

Elsa Snow Flurry Pumpkin © 2014 Kirsti A. Dyer  (The Costume Detective)

DIY Queen Elsa Snow Flurry Centerpiece/Pumpkin

I wanted to create the “Let it Go” feeling with Elsa as she is standing in a snow flurry. Fortunately we already had an Elsa Doll, so I just had to create the ‘storm’ around her.

A lot of the effect is based on the types of glittery snowflake and floral sprays I was able to find at our local craft store. Your effect may be customized based on the materials you have. In the interest of time I am sharing picture and the materials. Full tutorial is coming.

Disney Queen Elsa Sparkle Frozen Doll

Materials Used for an Elsa Centerpiece Pumpkin

  • Large White Pumpkin
  • White paint
  • White, silver and turquoise glitter
  • Silver glitter floral spray
  • White snowflake sprays
  • White floral wires
  • White snowflake foam stickers
  • Large glittery snowflake sprays
  • Queen Elsa Doll

Making the Elsa Snow Pumpkin Centerpiece

  1. Start with a large white pumpkin, or do what we did and paint an orange pumpkin white. (Hollowing the pumpkin out is optional, unless you like eating pumpkin seeds, or want to be able to illuminate your pumpkin.)
  2. Sprinkle on some white, silver, and turquoise glitter as the paint is drying.
  3. Create a backdrop for Elsa using silver glittery floral sprays and white (or blue) snowflakes.
  4. Attach Elsa to the pumpkin. I wired her legs to the pumpkin stem and helped her to stand up by hiding wooden skewers poked into the pumpkin under her skirt.
  5. Twist the white floral wires.
  6. Attach felt or foam snowflakes.
  7. Decorate with additional glittery wired snowflakes or other snow embellishments.

Elsa Snow Flurry Pumpkin Centerpiece by Day
Elsa Snow Flurry Pumpkin Centerpiece by Day

Elsa Snow Flurry Pumpkin © 2014 Kirsti A. Dyer

Making an Elsa Snow Flurry Centerpiece

Elsa’s “Let it Go” snow flurry can be used to create a centerpiece for a party or other Frozen event. I’ll be moving the pumpkin decorations to a more permanent centerpiece that we can use during the winter.

In place of the pumpkin, use floral foam blocks, or bricks or a foam cake as a base to attach the floral snowflakes, wires and Elsa. Shape, paint and add the glitter.

Note: You might have to weight down the blocks if it is too top heavy.

White Smoothfoam 8 inch Half Ball
White Smoothfoam 8 inch Half Ball

White Floral Styrofoam Block
White Floral Styrofoam Block 18x12x2 inches

Green Floral Foam Six Blocks
Green Floral Foam Six Blocks 

 Entered at 9th Annual Illumination of the Jack-O’-Lanterns

Elsa Snow Flury Carved Pumpkin Display
Queen Elsa Snow Flurry Carved Pumpkin Display

The Illumination of the Jack-O’-Lanterns is a fun, annual Halloween event held at Columbia State Historic Park in downtown Columbia, CA. Participants are encouraged to carve pumpkins in any family-friendly design of their choosing and then bring them in for judging. At dusk all of the entries are illuminated in a beautiful light display.

Our Frozen-themed Elsa and Anna Pumpkins turned out to be quite a hit with a few very little Frozen fans who were enchanted and mesmerized by bringing these Frozen characters ‘to life’ as pumpkin decorations. These little fans were so excited they were chattering about

My daughters have been winning the “Most Creative” pumpkin awards for the past few years with their Disney-doll themed pumpkins.  This year the Elsa Pumpkin won the “Most Awesome” and Anna Pumpkin was “Most Unusual.”

Using princess (or in this case Queen Elsa) dolls that my daughters already have has been a fun way for us to decorate for the past several years. Many of the ideas from past years are collected on the Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas as a Halloween Tradition page. (I am working on getting them converted over for us.)

Queen Elsa Snow Flurry Carved Pumpkin Display © 2014 Kirsti A. Dyer  (The Costume Detective)

Sadly, Pumpkins Don’t Last Very Long

I was very saddened at just how quickly the pumpkin started decaying—only a few days after it had been carved (the Anna Pumpkin went the fastest). This project has been a good reminder of how transient things are in life with a great quote form Angela on Bones.

All beauty is transient and of the moment.

Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), Bones

I could have used a large artificial or fake pumpkin (funkin) in place of one that decays. I’ll be moving the pumpkin decorations we used to a more permanent base and turn Elsa’s snow flurry into a winter centerpiece.

More Elsa Pages

Elsa Frozen Foil Wrapper Rose
Elsa Foil Wrapper Rose

Elsa fans might also be interested in our page on the overview of Elsa’s costume from ABC’s Once Upon a Time in our page of Once Upon a Time Costumes for Frozen Characters.

For more Elsa and Frozen inspired crafts, see the page the I created on “Making a Beautiful Blue Elsa Frozen Foil Wrapper Rose.” This type of rose is also known as a Ferrero Rocher Rose or Hershey’s Kiss Rose. Discover how to easily make a lovely blue Elsa foil rose.

Blue Foil Wrapper Rose © 2014 Kirsti A. Dyer (The Costume Detective)

Pinterest Board for Creative Pumpkin Carving

Follow along with our “Creative Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Ideas with Recipes for the Leftovers” on Pinterest where not only will you discover some great pumpkin carving and pumpkin decorating ideas, but you’ll also find some great recipes for the leftover pumpkin and pumpkin seeds.

Follow The Costume Detective’s board Creative Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Ideas with Recipes for the Leftovers on Pinterest.

The Pinterest board contains the Elsa Pumpkin along with many other creative ideas, some of which have been inspired by my daughters.

Creative Pumpkin Carving Project History

This Creative Pumpking Carving idea is part of a series of pumpking ideas that we have submitted over the years to the Annual Illumination of the Jack-o-Lanterns held at the Columbia State Historic Park. The original page Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas as a Halloween Tradition was originally published on Squidoo, but is now on HubPages. 

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