DIY Bello Yellow, Birthday Suit Minion Costume

Minion Bello Yellow
Bob Introducing Bello Yellow
in his Yellow Birthday Suit

The idea for creating a Bello Yellow, mostly unclothed, or birthday suit Yellow Minion costume—a potentially racer or PG version of the minions—came to me after watching the promo trailers for the Minion Movie.

I was inspired to figure out this earliest of minion costumes by the silly Facebook video announcing the new Minion Yellow color from Pantone® (just below) and the first trailer for the Minion Movie, showing the ancient yellow minions back in 65 million years ago, the time of the dinosaurs.

In the Pantone® color video clip, the minions start out as just yellow eyes that emerge from the new yellow minion color.

Eventually the eyes get goggles, yellow bodies, overalls, boots and gloves, which is what makes up the Bello Yellow, Birthday suit Minion Costume.

We’ve also done a version of the All Natural, Au Naturel or Au naturale minion costume on the DIY Yellow Au Naturel Minion Costume Ideas or the DIY Norbert Ancient Yellow Minion Costume Ideas pages if you prefer your minions wearing more clothes .

The Bello Yellow Minion Costume or a Birthday Suit Costume

Minion Bob's Backside
Minion Bob’s Backside

The Bello Yellow minion costume version where the minions are unclothed is based on the Facebook video (above before they get their overalls on) and the Bellow Yellow announcement from Bob.

As you can see in the images above and to the right, other than a pair of goggles the only thing Bob is wearing is his black gloves, gobbles and of course a minion grin.

Making a presentable bello yellow or minion birthday suit costume is pretty easy. The items needed:

  • A full yellow body suit (or yellow top and yellow pants/leggings)
  • Minion Goggles
  • Black Magic Gloves

The yellow body suit or matching yellow top and pants or leggings helps to create the illusion of the minion being all yellow, unclothed, just wearing a birthday suit.

Kevin, Bob and Stuart's Backsides
Kevin, Bob and Stuart’s Backsides

Yellow Body Suits

Yellow full body suits are the easiest way to make a birthday suit minion costume.

Be sure to wear light colored undergarments so the dark underwear doesn’t shine through. You may also want to add in an extra layer or padding so certain areas don’t appear as prominently.

Bello Yellow Costume Accessories

Don’t forget your minion goggles and gloves to complete your birthday suit costume. If you’d rather make your own minion goggles see our page with 5 Easy Ways to Make a Pair of Minion Goggles for more ideas.

Wear Yellow Clothes for a More Modest Look

Stylish and minions are normally two words that go together, but you can create a slightly more stylish or stylized minion, by dressing yourself head to two in yellow clothes.

This will create a more modest birthday suit minion. If you wear a yellow top and matching yellow skinny pants you don’t have to worry as much about certain parts showing through.

If you opt for the yellow top and pants or leggings, you may want to paint your face yellow to achieve the all-over yellow look. Snazaroo Face Paint, Bright Yellow works well to create a yellow minion-colored face. Remember to add your goggles and gloves.

Au Natural Minion Costume

If you want to create other ancient yellow minion or au natural minion costumes take a look at the related Minion costume page for the all natural version of the Yellow Minion Costume or for the Norbert version with a bit more covering.

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Minion Images from Despicable Me on Facebook.