This is our creative collection of DIY costume ideas and costume breakdowns for Disney Inspired Costumes, Minion and Despicable Me Costumes including ones from the Minion Move,  Supergirl (TV version), Hotel Transylvania, Inside Out, Once Upon a Time Characters and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

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These costumes are inspired by CBS’s new Supergirl television show.

DIY Supergirl Costume Ideas from CBS Supergirl

SuperGirl Logo
DIY Supergirl Costume Ideas for Girls and Tweens

Hotel Transylvania

The Mavis costumes come from Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2.

Mavis in a Cape
DIY Teen Mavis Costume Ideas

Mom Mavis and Dennis
DIY Mom Mavis Costume Ideas

Disney Inspired Halloween Costumes

Costumes inspired by Disney’s live animation Maleficent.

Young Maleficent Fairy
DIY Young Maleficent Fairy Costume

Young Maleficent Horns and DIY Horn Ideas

Maleficent Adult Wing
Maleficent Costume Wing Ideas Young or Adult

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Costumes of Miss Peregrine and many of the peculiar children inspired by the Tim Burton film.

The Masked Twins Costume Ideas
The Masked Peculiar Twins Costume Ideas from Miss Peregrine’s Home

Minion and Despicable Me Halloween Costumes

The minion costumes come from the Minion Movie, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2.

Bob Minion
Yellow Minion Costume
The Minion Movie

King Bob from the Minion Movie
King Bob Costume
The Minion Movie

Norbert the Minion
Norbert Ancient Yellow
Minion Costume

Scarlet Overkill Closeup
Scarlet Overkill Costume
The Minion Movie

Young Scarlet Overkill Fan
Teen & Tween Scarlet Overkill Costume Ideas

Herb Overkill Smiling
Herb Overkill Costume Ideas

Minion Stuart Backside
DIY Bello Yellow, Birthday suit Minion Costume Ideas

Minions All Natural
DIY Yellow Au Natural Minion Costumes

Yellow Minion
Yellow Minion Costume from Despicable Me

DIY Purple Minion Costume
DIY Purple Minion Costume
Despicable Me 2

Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

Costumes inspired by Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.

From Disney Pixar Inside Out
DIY Sadness Costume Ideas from Inside Out for Adults

Riley's Imaginary Boyfriend
Riley’s Imaginary or Ideal Boyfriend Costume Ideas

Sadness Costume for Teens
DIY Sadness Costume Ideas for Girls and Tweens

Once Upon a Time Costume Ideas

Costume ideas from ABC’s Once Upon a Time. We are still working on getting the converted over the the Costume Detective.

Once Upon a Time Costume Ideas Season 4
Once Upon a Time Costume Collection 

Once Upon a Time Costumes for Frozen Characters
Once Upon a Time Costumes for Frozen Characters – Brief