DIY King Bob Minion Costume Ideas

Funko Pop King Bob
Funko Pop Minion King

My favorite Minion from the new Minion movie was the littlest minion of the trio, Bob.

Bob starts the movie as the overly enthusiastic but very tiny minion, who had spend quite a bit of time convincing Kevin to let him come on their adventure to find a new master.

You get a sense of his youthful enthusiasm, his royal demeanor and the Minion’s craziness in this brief clip below highlighting his acceptance speech.


The Funko Pop version of King Bob was so cute, it was one that I had to add to my Funko Pop collection.

Note: If this minion King’s regal look seems familiar, he looks a lot like King Freddie (Mercury), perhaps a tribute to King Freddie from Queen’s Live at Wembley concert in 1986.

How Does Bob become a King?

Bob ends up being King of England for a day after stealing the Queen’s crown and then pulling the sword from the stone, causing the queen to resign.

Yes, it’s a very strange plot.


Bob Minion
Basic Bob Minion Costume

DIY King Bob Costume Ideas

To get started with a Bob as King Costume you first need to have your Basic Minion Costume, like the one that Bob is modeling in the image to the right. For a basic minion costume (Before Gru) you need:

  • Yellow Face Paint or Minion Mask
  • Minion Goggles
  • Yellow Top, Turtleneck or Sweatshirt
  • Blue Overalls
  • Black Mittens
  • Black Boots

After you have the basic minion costume done, it is pretty easy to turn your minion into a King version, just add a few additional costume items:

  • A Regal Red Cape
  • A Purple Crown
  • A Microphone

…and you are KING BOB in your regal purple crown.

King Bob with Purple Crown
Minion King Bob

Minion Images from Illumination and the Minion Movie.

A Regal Red Cape

For the coronation, Bob wears a red cape over his minion overalls once he becomes King. Depending on the view, the cape either has the faux ermine fur (white fur with spots) or just all white with no spots, like the version in the Funko Pop Bob.

Amazon has several different options for adults or for children, with or without the heraldry ermine spots.

Make a Regal Red Cape with Fur Edging

For those interested in making their own red cape, all you need is a good pattern for a king or queen robe, some red fabric and the faux fur lining. Two possible cloak or robe patterns are Simplicity 5927 (the King’s Robe) for children and McCall’s M5957 for adults (View A with the contrasting trim along the opening and the hood). 

I’ve pulled together some of the available sewing materials available on Amazon.

Use red satin, or velour for the cape and faux dalmatian fur fabric to sew your own regal red cape for your minion king costume.

A Purple Crown

King Bob from the Minion Movie
Bob in his Purple Crown

Instead of wearing a matching red crown to his red robe, Bob wears a purple crown. This crown is the one the minions were initially sent under orders from Scarlet Overkill to steal from the Queen of England.

The purple crown worn by Bob looks like the royal St. Edward’s crown worn by the Queen and other British Monarch on special occasions. According to the British Monarchy website, St. Edwards Crown is the main piece of the attire worn by the new Sovereign during the coronation ceremony.  

Trying to find an exact replica costume version of the crown was a bit of a challenge, probably because it is the Queen of England’s special coronation crown. There are several purple crowns on Amazon that are close to the St. Edward’s crown available for kings or for queens.

For more on the St. Edward’s crown see the information on The Crown Jewels at the official website for the British Monarchy.

A Microphone

Practice Microphone
Practice Microphone

The last item needed to complete a minion King costume is a silver microphone, like the silver one to the right, so you can create the iconic balcony scene in the Minion Movie.

This microphone is a karaoke microphone can also be used for amplifying your Bob speech and rallying chants.

Remember to practice your minion gibberish, microphone dropping and the all important rallying cry of ‘King Bob!’

Queen Bob or the Queen of England Costume

One could very easily be Queen Bob or the Queen of England, Elizabeth, her royal self, depending on your gender, by wearing the same purple costume crown and robe.

Bob with the Queen of England
Bob with the Queen of England

To look more like the Queen in this movie, wear the purple crown with a white dress, a deep royal blue sash and more regal jewels.

Cute DIY King Bob Minion

This DIY King Bob Minion Plush from BudgetHobby is just adorable. She does a great job making a miniature king crown using hobby foam, paint, stickers, string pearls, buttons, fabric and a glue gun.

If you are so inclined, you could even create your own custom crown for Bob by supersizing this miniature one.

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