DIY Mom Mavis Costume from Hotel Transylvania 2

Mavis Dracula
Lovin’ Life

In Hotel Transylvania 2 Mavis Dracula has grown up a bit, and is now 125 years old, and a mother, but her looks and clothes haven’t changed much at all. She still has the wonderful enthusiasm for living that hasn’t change either.

The official Halloween costume for Dracula’s daughter has been difficult to find for tweens and tweens because of the renewed interest in her look; there also isn’t one for adults.

Fortunately, one can easily pull together a version for a costume or cosplay using clothing and accessories by finding or getting the different pieces of her outfit, especially since the Goth look is quite popular and trendy now.

As seen in the image, what she wears as a Mom isn’t too different from what she wears as a Teen. She still wears the short black short-sleeved turtleneck dress with black and red striped stockings, sheer black fingerless gloves and red high top shoes (or boots).

Her hair and makeup are close to her teen look too, with a few minor differences that we’ve figured out in the Makeup, Fangs and Hairstyle Ideas page.

To figure out the tween and teen look at the DIY Teen Mavis Costume from Hotel Transylvania page. Read on here for more on her adult mom look.

Meet Mom Mavis Dracula

Hotel Transylvania 2 takes place years after 7 years after the first movie. In this sequel, we meet the new mom to little Dennis Dracula-Locker, affectionately referred to by his grandfather or Vampa (Vampire Grandpa) as “Denisovich”.

Mom Mavis Costume

Dennis and Mavis Dracula
Dennis and Mom

With the release of Hotel Transylvania 2, Mavis’ trendy Gothic attire and makeup is a popular Halloween costume, a cosplay costume and some even dress in her style for every day.

Her mom clothing isn’t too different from her teen self’s Gothic look. She is still wearing the same black dress, sheer black fingerless gloves, striped tights, and red high top shoes.

The basic Mavis costume, from top to bottom, is made of the following items:

  • Short black, vampire-styled, bob haircut
  • Dark gothic makeup
  • Black form-fitting turtle neck dress
  • Striped tights (black with red stripes)
  • Long, sheer, black fingerless gloves
  • Red high top shoes or boots

As a mom, her hair is a bit shorter, by an inch or two, but her makeup is the same with pale skin, big blue eyes, black lipstick and black nail polish on short nails.

Mavis texting
Wild about Texting

Extras for the Mom Vampire Costume

The main difference as a mom are the extras—her son and her cell phone.

Her cute red-headed son, Dennis in the picture above, looks an awful lot like his dad, Johnny except for mom’s vivid blue eyes. For the first few years he has no trace of vampire blood at all.

Mavis is into texting, social media and pinning. She has her own Pinterest board, as the online voice of Hotel Transylvania.

She keeps everyone up to date with the happenings in her life via social media and looks to be part of the promotions for the new movie. (I think it is a very clever marketing campaign.)

Mom Mavis and Dennis
Mom with son Dennis – Adorable
Mavis Hairstyle & Make up
Hairstyle and Makeup

Making a Mom Mavis Costume

Mavis’ costume isn’t as much about sewing an outfit, as it is getting the right makeup, hair and fangs and finding the right clothes, shoes and accessories to recreate her stylish, Gothic vampire look.

For those who like the Goth look, her clothes and accessories could be included as normal daily wear.

Makeup and Hair

Compared to her earlier teen look, her older hair style is still the vampire-styled bob hair cut, but the bob cut is an inch or so shorter than in the first movie.

She still has her pale vampire skin, big blue eyes with tiny lashes, smokey lids, lots of eyeliner finished off with a black lip color.

For more details see the Mavis Dracula Make up, Fangs and Hairstyle ideas page.

Black Dress, Black Sweater and Skirt Separates

Her clothes consist of a short black turtle neck dress, with short sleeves. There are a couple of different options for the dress, going with the basic dress from…, a more glamorous look with slightly longer sleeves, or even going with sweater and skirt separates.

(Note: The clothes included on this page are in adult sizes, the tween or teen sizes are on the our teen costume page.)

Black and Red Striped Stockings, Tights or Leggings

Under her black dress, this stylish vampire wears stockings or tights that are mostly black with smaller red stripes. Most of the available stockings, high socks and tights, which are the ones I’ve included are the opposite with red stockings and black stripes.

If you really want to have the mostly black with smaller red stripes for cosplay there are two options. One is to start with a pair of black stockings and paint on thin red stripes, which requires a very steady hand. The other is to make a pair of leggings from black and red striped knit fabric if you can find some that looks like her tights.

Red High Top Sneakers, Boots

In some of the descriptions of Mavis’ costume her shoes are identified as red Converse high tops, but I can’t confirm this brand. Her red shoes look more like high top sneakers or completely red boots, with red bases and black soles.

For a stylin’ mom look you may want to do with a red fashion sneaker like the all red ones from Chuck Taylor, the stylish ones from Steve Madden or even a pair of boots.

I know I would opt for a cool pair of red boots that I could use again after Halloween.  

Mom Mavis with Fingerless Gloves
Texting in Fingerless Gloves

Black, Sheer Fingerless Gloves

Underscoring her unique look, this young vampire mom wears her own unique sheer black fingerless gloves or arm warmers all of the time.

They look a lot like sheer stockings, only she wears them on her arms. The fingerless parts of the gloves make it super easy for texting.

We pulled together a page that has some gloves close to the ones she wears.

The page also has a couple of ideas and instructions to make Mavis Dracula’s Sheer Fingerless Gloves as an easy DIY project.


Dennis from Hotel Transylvania 2

As mentioned earlier, there are two extras you can add to turn a basic teen vampire costume into an adult mom vampire one, and distinguish your costume as an adult version.

The first is to carry a cell phone, since this young vampire loves to text and keep everyone up to date on social media.

The second is to bring along your own Dennis, son. 

Two different plush versions of Dennis are available on Amazon (the one here is the smaller one) so you can carry your own adorable red-headed vampire child toy as a great Mom accessory.  

More Costume Ideas

For those who would rather dress like the young vampire when she is a 118 year old teen, we have ideas for her costume on another page, along with dress, stocking and shoe sizing for tweens and teens.

Our Pinterest Board with DIY Mavis Dracula Costume Ideas

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