DIY Easy Rose Crown for Dia de los Muertos

DIY Rose Headband Supplies
Rose Dia de los Muertos Crown

A beautiful DIY rose hair accessory or rose crown that would work well with any costume for Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. The rose crown would also be a beautiful headband to wear for the upcoming Book of Life film premiere or Party.

The video example below shows a rose hair accessory but other flowers, especially marigolds or mums would work well making this headpiece. Decide if you want a somber look like the one in the video or more cheerful look like the image to the right.

  • For a somber look use: dark red, burgundy, black, deep blue or purple.
  • For a more cheerful look: red, orange, peach, yellow or white.
  • For a more modern, trendy look: pastel colors like pink, purple and turquoise.

Look at some of these additional examples of Rose Headpieces:

Woman with multi-colored Rose Crown Woman with Butterfly Rose Crown for Dia de los Muertos Woman with Burgundy Flower Crown
 Multi Rose Headband by Ray from LA Butterfly Rose Headband by Ray from LA Burgundy Rose Headband by Ray from LA
Images used under a Creative Commons Licence 2.0

Make a Rose or Floral Headpiece Crown

Rating: Easy
Time: 20 – 30 minutes


This DIY rose headpiece requires a few supplies: flowers, craft wire and black lace fabric. You also need a pair of wire cutters to cut the wire and fabric scissors to cut the lace.
  • Assorted Artificial Silk Flowers (Roses, Marigolds or Mums)
  • Craft Wire*
  • Headband
  • Black Lace Fabric (optional)
  • Butterflies (optional)
  • Skulls (optional)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Fabric scissors

* With the craft wire you can use silver or gold.  Choose a wire gauge that is sturdy enough to hold the flowers together, but not so unwieldy that it is difficult to work with.

For flower and butterfly supplies keep scrolling


Making the headpiece is simple. You need to create a crown with the roses and their stems by wrapping wire around the flowers as you add them one at a time.

Note: Before starting you may want to cut all but 6 inches of the flower stems to have a smaller amount of stem to work with when connecting the flowers.

  • Start with one flower and hold second one next to it.
  • Wrap the craft wire around the two flowers to secure them.
  • Add a third flower and wrap the wire to secure it to the other two flowers.
  • Keep adding flowers and wrapping the wire until you have enough flowers to make a crown that will fit around your head.
  • If you haven’t cut off the excess stems yet, this is the time to cut them shorter.
  • Optional: Attach a butterfly or butterflies as an additional embellishment to the crown.
  • Optional: Attach a small skull or sugar skull as an additional embellishment to the crown.
  • Optional: Attach the black lace as a veil to the flower wire. You might want to use another piece of wire to attach the veil, or if stitch the veil to the wire in several places.
  • One the flowers and the lace are attached, try it on the wearer and decide on the final size for the headpiece.
  •  Secure the two ends together.
  • Cut off or work in any random leftover ends.

There are several different flower options that you can use. Look for Roses, Marigolds or Mums when you look for artificial silk flowers.

In addition to the flowers you might also want to glue or attach a butterfly or two or even a few calaveras (skulls) for more of a Day of the Dead look.

Video Day of the Dead Flower Headpiece Tutorials:

In this YouTube video, Chriselle Lim shows how she made a stunning and slightly eerie rose flower headpiece from roses, wire and lace fabric.

In this YouTube video, Celina a.k.a. Fables in Fashion, shows how she created a DIY Gothic Flower Day of the Dead

Tutorial History

This tutorial was originally part of “A Beautiful Sugar Skull Costume with DIY Flower Headband or Mask” lens on Squidoo.

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Girl with Red and White Rose Flower Crown by Ray from LA. Used under a Creative Commons License 2.0

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