DIY Sadness’s Purple Glasses from Inside Out

Sadness in her Over sized Purple Glasses
Sadness in her Over sized Purple Glasses

In addition to her blue-hued hair, face, clothes and her sad, slow voice, two items that make a Sadness Costume from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out are her over-sized round deep purple glasses and a copy of the Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual.

You can see these key costume accessories in the image of the large Sadness figure below and her very large round, purple glasses in the image to the left.

In figuring out the clothes and makeup for the DIY Sadness Costume Page, I realized that her glasses could be made with a few craft supplies and a template.

I also figured out instructions to create a DIY version of the Long Term Memory book. That tutorial can be found on the DIY Sadness’s Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual page.

Inside Out Sadness Figure
Sadness Figure with her Long Term Memory Manual and Purple Glasses
Make Sadness Glasses
How to Make Purple Glasses for Sadness

DIY Sadness Paper or Foamie Glasses

An easy DIY costume version of the over-sized round frames and glasses can made using purple cardstock, foamie (foam sheet) or stiffened felt sheets (felties).


  • Template
  • Cardstock, Foamie, Felt in Purple
  • Glue and tape

If you want a bit more sparkle in your goggles, cut the frames out from sparkly paper, or add glitter to the cardstock frames once they have been cut out.


  • Download the glasses template.
  • Print onto cardstock or trace onto stiffened felt or foamie.
  • Cut out the lens frames and the ear/temple frames.
  • Temporarily attach the ear/temple frames to the lens frame at the side tabs using tape.
  • Try on and adjust the ear/temple frames as necessary.
  • Glue, tape or staple the final glasses.
DIY Sadness Glasses Template
DIY Sadness Glasses Template

(Click on the image to download the DIY Sadness Glasses PDF File Template)

When deciding what to use for your frames consider making the lens frames out of the thicker foamie and then the sides (ear/temple frames) out of more substantial, less bendable cardstock.  If the ear/temple frames are too flimsy, cut out a second set from cardstock and glue them together.

Measuring your Glasses Frames

To figure out the size needed for your DIY glasses measure your own frame size. Hold a ruler under your eyes and measure from one side of your face to the other at the temples. This measurement will give you an idea of how large to print out or cut out the frame template.

The template has two frames, one in 5.5 inches and one at 5 inches. Sometimes it is easiest to just eyeball the measurements after you have printed them out and adjust.

For more ideas on making your own glasses from cardboard tubes see the Easy Ways to Make Minion Glasses.

Premade Sadness Glasses

Premade Blue Glasses

If you are time crunched, or want to wear something with your costume that looks more like wearing real glasses consider going with one of the options available on Amazon.

Her glasses are purple, which can be more challenging to find, but blue frames (like the ones to the right) or black frames (included in the collection below) will also create the effect.

Be aware that some of the costume frames come with just the frame and not lenses, like the cute retro blue eyeglasses frames to the right sized at 5.5 inches. If you want frames with lenses, be sure to check the product descriptions.

Long Term Memory Manual Mockup
DIY Long Term Memory Manual Mock up

DIY Long Term Memory Manual

Carrying a mock-up version of the Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual, Volume 47 is a fun way to add character details to your Sadness costume for a cosplay event.

Making a manual is easy if you follow the instructions at the DIY Sadness’s Long Term Memory Retrieval Manual Page.

More Inside Out Costumes

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With luck there will be a few more costume ideas for Riley and her many emotions—Joy, Disgust, Fear and Anger. In the meantime follow the Pinterest board for updates.

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