DIY Scarlet Overkill Costumes for Teens & Tweens

Girl and Dad Scarlet Overkill Fans
Young Scarlet Overkill Fan and Her Dad

Scarlet Overkill is the sexy, sinister female villain from the Minion Movie, who flies into Villain-Con in her ruby red rocket dress.

Her costume is going to be very popular with sassy teen and tween (8 to 12 year olds) minion fans, their mothers and maybe some fathers (see right) as their Halloween costume, one for the movie premiere or any minion movie party costume.

The red strapless dress part of Scarlet’s costume may need to be slightly modified for wear by teens, tweens and younger girls, since pre-made strapless versions and strapless dress patterns can be a bit challenging to find for younger girls and tweens.

Skater dress styles, full skirt party dresses and retro 50’s style dresses are good alternative styles for both teens and tweens, since they have the full skirt with more of a top dress part.

We’ve come up with ideas for putting together costumes with pre-made dresses and patterns for sewing a sassy, sinister Scarlet costume including the needed accessories for teens and tweens who want to dress up like the newest female super villain, Scarlet Overkill.

See Scarlet Overkill’s Ruby Red Rocket Dress

Scarlet makes her grand entrance at ~ 1:30, with the line, “Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?”

(I’m waiting to see someone make a Cosplay version of the rocket dress red dress)

Scarlet Overkill Costume Ideas for Teens and Tweens

Scarlet Overkill Closeup
Scarlet Overkill

Since Scarlet is a sexy, sinister adult, super villain her costume needs to be modified a bit (mostly the red dress) for wear by teens and tweens (8 to 12 year olds) who can be sassy and sinister in a more age-appropriate costume.

From top to bottom is a list of the items needed to make your own Scarlet Overkill Costume.

We’ve modified the original list for teens and tweens.

  • Short black wig with flipped ends
  • 60’s style glasses
  • 3D glasses
  • Black choker
  • Red full-skirt dress
  • Knee length petticoat
  • Black long gloves
  • Red shoes or low heels
  • Black shoes or low heels with black tights
  • Colored lip gloss
  • Hand-sized Red Ruby

Scarlet Overkill Dresses for Teens

Scarlet Overkill with a CrossbowScarlet’s sexy look can be toned down a bit for teens focusing on the sinister parts instead of the sizzling ones.

For teens look for a dress that emphasizes the 60’s party dress style or even a retro 50’s style with a big full skirt. Make the skirt part of the dress even fuller by wearing a petticoat underneath.

Putting on the finishing touches with the bouffant flip hairdo, White Retro Sunglasses, long black gloves and stockings (see Accessories) and for teens heels to create the look of the costume. Hunger games fans may want to add in gold painted Wooden Crossbow to look like the one she carries. Remember to put on a sinister smile.

Premade Red Dresses for Teens

I found several pre-made red dresses that would work well for teenage Scarlet fans with skater dresses and a vintage 50’s style dress with a long skirt that will work with a petticoat slip to create an even fuller skirt.

Patterns for Teens

For those who want to sew a Scarlet dress or a Scarlet-inspired red dress there are several patterns that would work to create a party dress with a very big full skirt, popular in the 50’s and the 60’s. The sewing patterns are sized down to a size 6 which will fit many smaller teens.

You could even pull off a variation of the dress with just simple straps like the Simplicity or the McCall’s pattern (using the style shown with straps in black and white) or by doing a 50’s style vintage dress a la Audrey Hepburn with a full skirt and a sleeveless bodice like the Vogue Pattern.

Simplicity Pattern 1194
Simplicity Pattern 1194

McCall's Pattern M6893
McCall’s Pattern M6893

Vogue Patterns V8998
Vogue Pattern V8998

Young Scarlet Overkill Fan
Young Scarlet Fan

Scarlet Overkill Dresses for Tweens

For Tweens, the 8 to 12 year olds, start with a basic red dress that has a big full skirt. To look like the young Scarlet Overkill fan to the right, all you need to add in is a pair of old-style cardboard 3D glasses.

The red dresses below are good starting points for a girl version of a Scarlet Overkill Costume. To get the plainer, clean lines of Scarlet’s dress remove all of the the extra embellishments and accessories on these dresses like the flowers, belts, ribbons and bows. Leave any sparkle since tweens tend to like a little more sparkle.

Pre-made Red Dresses for Tweens

I found several pre-made red dresses for tween girls that look a lot like Scarlet’s or give the illusion of a her dress, but still look like something that a younger girls would wear.

The Cinderella and Wonder Girl dresses have big full skirts with thin straps to keep the dress up. The skater dress has a sleeveless top with a big full skirt.

Adding in the accessories (included below), like her 60’s style hairdo, retro glasses, long gloves and black tights helps create the illusion of being Scarlet Overkill.

McCall's 3260
McCall’s 3260

Patterns for Tweens and Girls

For those interested in sewing a Scarlet dress there are several patterns from which to choose that would create a full skirt on a party dress with a sleeveless top (in place of the strapless version) or an older 60’s halter style pattern like the one to the right from McCall’s 3260.

Create a big puffy red dress without any of the extra bows and flowers. Add in extra taffeta layers or wear a petticoat to make a big skirt like Scarlet’s.

McCall's Pattern M5795
McCall’s Pattern M5795

McCall's Pattern M6020
McCall’s Pattern M6020

McCall's Patterns M5033
McCall’s Pattern M5033

Scarlet Accessories – Glasses, Choker, Gloves, Tights and a Ruby

By adding in the right style of accessories to a red dress with the right hairdo you can easily create the effect of a Scarlet Overkill Dress.  Some of these items might even be ones you have at home, like a length of black ribbon for a choker.

Kids Round Uv  Protection Sunglasses White
Kids Round White Sunglasses

The accessories to include to complete the costume:

  • 60’s style glasses
  • 3D glasses
  • Black choker *
  • Long black gloves
  • Black tights
  • Colored lip gloss
  • Hand-sized Red Ruby

* To make a black choker all you need is a less than a yard of 3/4 inch ribbon. Finish the ends with a Ribbon Choker Findings Kit or simply tie it on to fasten.

3D Cardboard Glasses
3D Cardboard Glasses

Child Long Black Gloves
Child Long Black Gloves

Ruby Red Paperweight
Ruby Red Paperweight

Scarlet’s gloves go over her elbows (actually half way up her arms) making them full length or Opera length gloves. This length is a bit harder to find for younger girls. To the elbow length is more common.

Scarlet Overkill Hair

Scarlet Overkill Hairdo Diagram

Scarlet’s hairstyle is called a bouffant with a flip. If you look at the hairdo diagram to the right you can see that she has a big bouffant hair style on top, which is teased so it puffs out and the outer most layer is smoothed down.

To finish the look the 60’s inspired hairstyle the ends are flipped up. We have videos on the DIY Scarlet Overkill Hair and Makeup that show you how to get the bouffant with a flip hairdo.

This look can be recreated if you already have short hair (dark is preferable). Another option is to get a short wig, which can be turned into a Scarlet hairdo with a few easy adjustments.

Teens can wear adult wigs, tweens may have to look for slightly smaller wigs depending on how close their head size is to an adult or restyle a Mavis wig from an old Hotel Transylvania costume or a Lucy Van Pelt Wig from Peanuts.

Since the flip is already in the wigs, puff up the bouffant portion. Sweep the bangs to the sides and remove the headband and you’ve got a Scarlet styled wig.

Short Flick-Up Wig Short Black
60’s Short Flick-Up Wig Black

Lucy Van Pelt Wig
Lucy Van Pelt Wig

Flip Headband Costume Wig in Black
50’s Flip Style Black Wig

If you want even more help in figuring out her hair and make up, see the DIY Scarlet Overkill Hair and Makeup.

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Scarlet Overkill Images from Illumination Entertainment and the Minion Movie.

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