DIY Scarlet Overkill Hair and Makeup

Herb and Scarlet Overkill
Herb and Scarlet Overkill from The Minions Movie

Scarlet Overkill is the sexy and sinister super villain being introduced in the Minion Movie. A big part of her appeal is the sleek, sultry and sexy costume inspired by the look of the 60’s.

Voiced by Sandra Bullock (by Thalía in the Latin American and by Marion Cotillard in the French version), this new female Super villain is going to be a very popular costume for fans at the Minion Movie premiere and for Halloweens to come.

The movie takes place in 1968 so all of the clothes, hairstyle and makeup are right out of the late 60’s with the big bouffant hair, winged eyeliner, Beatles mop-top hair (on her husband Herb), mod jackets, and even some tie-dyed tees.

Note: For those interested Herb Overkill (he took her last name) may be a bit of a cartoon heart-throb, in at least three different languages. He is voiced by Jon Hamm for the U.S. and by Ricky Martin in the Latin American version and Guillaume Canet for the French version of the Minion Movie.

Meet Scarlet Overkill

The Minion Movie takes place in 1968 (or 42 years B.G. before Gru), when the minions are looking for someone to serve. They discover super villain Scarlet Overkill in their way to Villain Con and decide they want to work for her. See Scarlet make her smashing, aerial entrance in this video clip trailer from the Minion Movie.


Scarlet’s Short 60’s Bouffant Flip Hairstyle

Scarlet Overkill Closeup
Scarlet’s Retro Makeup & Hair Look

Scarlet’s hairstyle is a bouffant with a flip. The term Bouffant literally means ‘puffed out’ which is what you are doing with the hair.

Scarlet wears a big bouffant hair style on top, with the outer most layer smoothed down and then flipped up at the ends.

This bouffant with a flip or just “The Flip” was a style very popular in the late 1960’s popularized by first lady Jackie Kennedy, first lady Lady Bird Johnson and Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie in the Dick Van Dyke Show and even early Mary Tyler Moore Show.

If you are already have short black hair, then you can style it in Scarlet Overkill’s 60 style with a bouffant on top and then flip up the ends. (There are also wig options.)

I have included a couple of very helpful hair video tutorials that show how to get the bouffant and the flipped ends.

Scarlet Overkill Bouffant Hair Style
The Bouffant Style

How to Create a Bouffant

The first step in her hairstyle is to create a bouffant. To create a bouffant  the hair at the top of the head is teased, ratted or backcombed to create the puffed-out appearance, then lightly combed on top (or using other non-teased hair sections) to smooth out the look and frame the face.

With the advent of more recent curling tools and curling irons (or tongs in the U.K.) as seen in the video tutorial from below, curling the hair with hair tools before teasing it can help increase the volume.

This video from John Frieda UK shows how to create a bouffant that gets turned into a beehive with just using a comb and bobby pins, or as referred to the video and the U.K. a kirby grip or hair grip.

The video from shows how to create the bouffant with a few additional tools, a volumizing hot air brush and perfect curl curling iron can help make the styling easier.

Helpful tools for creating the flip are the Hot Air Brush and the Curl Perfect Curling Iron.

John Frieda Salon 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush
John Frieda Salon 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush

Remington Curl Perfect Curling Iron
Remington Curl Perfect Curling Iron

How to Turn Up the Ends into “The Flip”

Scarlet Overkill Flip Hair Style
Scarlet Overkill Flip Hair Style

The second part of the hairstyle is to flip up the ends. This works best if you have shorter hair, but you can still flip the ends up even with longer than shoulder length hair.

In the video tutorial below, Sarah Begins show how to create the 60’s style hairdo starting with the bouffant and then flipping the ends.

She emphasizes blow drying, styling brushes and volumizer products along with teasing the hair to get the puffed out look.

Scarlet’s Short 60’s Bouffant Wig Options

If you don’t have naturally short black hair, there are several wigs available that with a few styling adjustments would make you a presentable Scarlet. Since Scarlet doesn’t have bangs, you need to sweep them to the sides and remove the bow.

Women's 60's Flick-Up Wig Black
Women’s 60’s Flick-Up Wig Black

Costume Dream Diva Wig in Black
Costume Dream Diva Flip Wig

Women's Bouffant Costume Wig
Women’s Bouffant Costume Wig

Scarlet Overkill Hairdo Diagram
Scarlet Overkill Hairdo Diagram


Scarlet’s 60’s Makeup

Close up of Scarlet Overkill
Scarlet’s 60’s inspired Makeup

Scarlet’s make up is from the late 1960’s with dark penciled-in eyebrows (perhaps a bit of a throwback look to an earlier time), winged eyeliner, shimmery pink eye shadow and bright red (Scarlet) lipstick, her own look  probably inspired by her name.

To recreate her 60’s inspired make up look you need the following products (from top to bottom):

  • Black eyebrow pencil
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Shimmery Pink eye shadow
  • Powder foundation
  • Pink Blush
  • Red lipstick (her color style)

Her look is more like that of Brigitte Bardot than that of Twiggy or Edie Sedgwick. She has dark pencil think eyebrows, slightly winged full eye liner, black mascara, powder foundation and finished up with pink blush to the cheeks.

You may want to wait to choose your lipstick or lipgloss after you get the dress, so you can decide if you need an orangy-red or a bluish red. These are three different versions of Scarlet lip products.

CoverGirl Seduce Scarlet Lipstick
CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick in Seduce Scarlet

NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick, Scarlet Empress
NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Empress

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lip Color, Scarlet Concerto
L’Oreal Colour Riche Lip Color in Scarlet Concerto

Scarlet Overkill Hair and Make up
Scarlet Overkill Hair and Make up

60’s Makeup Video Tutorials

In this video tutorial from Zabrena of MacShadowCombos she show how to get the 60’s look a la Brigette Bardot. Scarlet’s look differs in that she wears bright red—what else—Scarlet lipstick. I really enjoyed the history lesson about the make up of the time, but if you want to just view the tutorial, and skip the history background information and start at 2:30.

For an even faster make up, this video tutorial from Time Out London shows how to get a great 60’s make up look in 5 minutes.

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