DIY Yellow Minion Costumes for the Minion Movie

In 2010 we were introduced to the yellow minions in Despicable Me nearly five years ago. These silly yellow pill-shaped incoherently-babbling scene-stealing sidekicks have been a popular Halloween costume ever since.

They have become so popular in fact that they will be getting their own movie summer 2015, featuring three of the minions, Stuart, Kevin and Bob and appropriately titled, what else but the Minion Movie.

Yellow Minions Stuart Kevin and Bob
Minions: Stuart, Kevin and Bob

How to Make a New Yellow Minion Costume for the Minion Movie

The basic yellow minion costume is one that I wrote about for the Despicable Me 2 movie, so we are pretty familiar with the costume. (It has become very popular since 2010).

To give you an idea of what you need here is the list of items (starting from the top) needed to convert yourself or someone else into a one of these silly yellow minions.

  1. Yellow Swim Cap or Yellow Beanie
  2. Yellow Face Paint or Minion Mask
  3. Minion Goggles
  4. Yellow Top, Turtleneck or Sweatshirt
  5. Blue Overalls
  6. Black Mittens
  7. Black Boots
Yellow Adult Sweatshirt
Yellow Sweatshirt

It is quite possible that some of the items, like the overalls, yellow shirt, or yellow hoodie might even be ones you already own.

Wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up is a way to look even more yellow and can replace a yellow beanie and shirt. It can also be useful if you need extra warmth for your costume.

If not, here are some of the items that I found on Amazon to help you pull together a yellow minion costume. If you need a man or child version, just substitute the overalls, or see other options on the DIY Yellow Minion Costumes a.k.a. the Silly Ones page.

Compare – Yellow Minion (1968) and Yellow Minion (2010)

If you compare the two minions, the early minion from 1968 (Before Gru) and the later one from Despicable Me you will notice that their costumes are almost identical—same goggles, same overalls, same black books and presumably same black gloves.

The one thing missing from the 1968 is the Gru logo on the pocket, which makes sense since the new film takes place 42 years before Gru.

Bob Minion
Yellow Minion – 1968
42 years B.G. (Before Gru)

Yellow Minion
Yellow Minion – 2010
Despicable Me 2

You can find more details, including tips for turning yellow (with make up or otherwise), and more tips on making a basic costume at the DIY Yellow Minion Costumes a.k.a. the Silly Ones page here on the Costume Detective.

Some of the items that you might need to purchase to add to the overalls, yellow turtleneck and black boots include, a yellow beanie, yellow face paint and goggles or glasses:

Yellow Unisex Beanie
Yellow Unisex Beanie

Snazaroo Classic Face Paint
Snazaroo Yellow Face Paint
Black Frame Round Glasses
Black Frame Round Glasses

Stuart Minion
Stuart Minion Costume

Stuart’s Yellow Minion Costume

For Stuart, start with the basic minion costume with denim overalls, black gloves, black boots and of course being yellow.

Stuart has some hair on the top of his head, so if you are going with a yellow beanie or yellow swim cap, decorate it with some hair.

Out of the three of the minions, Stuart is the only one with a single eye, making the standard pre-made minion goggles harder to find.

You might consider making your own using one of the 5 Easy Ways to Make a Pair of Minion Goggles that we found and have shared on this site. Making your own single lens goggle and attaching it to a yellow beanie would be a good way to look like Stuart.

Decorative Floral Ukulele
Decorative Floral Ukulele

Stuart also carries a rudimentary ukulele, which appears to be fashioned from wood and a tree branch. To craft a decorative or prop ukulele, start by cutting a piece of board or even better a Cork Foam Board in the shape of a ukulele. Attach an small branch and add in ukulele strings and pegs to ‘tighten the strings.

If you don’t want to make your own primitive version, the decorative floral ukulele would be a good working one to carry as part of his costume.

You can also find several other non-working prop or decorative ukulele’s on Amazon, eBay or even in local thrift stores.

Kevin Minion
Kevin Minion Costume

Kevin’s Yellow Minion Costume

To be Kevin it helps if you are a bit taller, since he is taller than the average Minion. Start with the basic minion costume: denim overalls, black gloves and boots and of course being yellow.

Kevin has some hair on the top of his head, more than Bob, but less than Stuart. One way of adding in his hair is to add pipe cleaner hair to a yellow beanie or yellow swim cap.

Another is to add pipe cleaner hair to a yellow headband, and just have the hair sticking out on top.

Kevin needs a pair of goggles with two eyes like Bob. He has part of his eyes covered, perhaps with a look of disgust. After all, he is holding up a cardboard sign with a double arrow “I’M WITH STUPID.”

To finish off Kevin’s Minion look, draw a sign “I’m with Stupid” on a piece of a cardboard box to carry around. Decide if you want to SCREAM it (uppercase) or just declare it in a normal font.

Bob Minion
Bob Minion Costume
“Live Long and Prosper?”

Bob’s Yellow Minion Costume

Bob’s Minion costume is the easiest of all three of the minions, since he doesn’t have anything extra and doesn’t have hair.

Start with the basic minion costume with denim overalls, black gloves, black boots and something to make you yellow (yellow beanie, swim cap or yellow face paint).

Bob has the two-eyed goggles, so are easier to wear and also to find minion goggles.

Magic Gloves in Black
Magic Gloves in Black

Be sure to practice the stunned, blank stare so you can look like Bob’s stunned, fearful, overwhelmed look.

Don’t forget to get or wear a pair of black magic stretch gloves.

If you really want to look like a minion, you may want to stitch the fingers into two.

To me, Bob does look like he might be a Star Trek fan which would have been on television during 1968. Bob appears to be making a Vulcan, “Live Long and Prosper” sign.

King Bob with Purple Crown

King Bob Costume

For those who like Bob the Minion once he becomes the King of England, we’ve put together a page to help you create your own King Bob Costume.

It just takes a few extra items added to the basic minion costume to turn you into King Bob—a regal red robe, a purple crown and the all important microphone, so you can rock it like King Bob does.

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Yellow Minions

To help get your goggles done or if you are interested in putting together a later version of the Minion Costume (with Gru we have pages on how to easily putting together your own yellow minion costume using (mostly) materials at home.

Strangely enough the Despicable Me Minions (circa 2010) are actually older versions than the Minion Movie Minions (circa 1968).

Scarlet & Herb Overkill

Scarlet Overkill is the super villain in the Minion Movie. Herb is her husband-handyman. Group costumes with Scarlet, Herb and the three minions, Stuart, Kevin and Bob, are likely to be very popular both at the premiere and for Halloween.

To help you complete your Scarlet Overkill costume including makeup and hair take a look at the related pages:

Purple Minions

It is not likely that the purple minions will make an appearance in the latest Minion Movie since it is based in 1968 and the purple minions were created by El Macho 42 years later.

For those, like me, who like the crazy purple minion we have information on making a costume and how to do purple minion makeup and hair pages so you can create your own unique minion costume for Halloween or any other time.

Our Pinterest Board for DIY Yellow Minion Costumes

To share our ideas and inspiration for making your own yellow minion costume and to collect ideas from other Minion fans we have a Pinterest board especially for the DIY Yellow Minion Costume Ideas and Fun. Be sure to pop over to Pinterest and follow us for updates.

This board is a collection of Yellow Minion images from Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and from the Minion Movie that inspired the costume, hair and makeup. You can also find many of the creative ideas for DIY fun from drawings to food to parties with the silly yellow minions.

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