Make a Sparkly Running Tiara for Less than $12.00

Pink Tiara Visor
Pink Tiara Visor for less than $12.00

Running tiara visors have become a very popular accessory for runners who want to sparkle as they stride and those running in Run Disney events. They can also be pretty pricey.

My younger daughter wanted a sparkly running tiara visor when we were at the Run Disney expo for the Star Wars Run in January 2015. I was quite surprised by the $30.00 price tag, and realized I could easily make one for her.

Making one was way less expensive than buying one and you could more easily customize the color combinations. You can easily make one or two custom visor tiaras for the price of a pre-made one.

I made my daughter a sparkly birthday tiara visor to wear for the Girls on the Go Run in Sacramento for less than $12.00.

I made a twinkly turquoise tiara visor for me for less than $16.00. We also were able to make a pink sport tiara visor for less than $10.00.

Let’s take a look how easy it is to make you own sparkly running tiara.

Note: We are Amazon prime members so I am able to get discounts on shipping from Amazon. I’ve also discovered if you look around a bit on Amazon, there can be quite a difference in prices for the same item and difference in prices for shipping.

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Quick and Easy Tiara Visor Instructions
Quick and Easy 10 Minute Tiara Visor


Making a tiara visor is really simple starting with a sport or sequin visor and a tiara comb.

  1. Carefully remove the comb on the tiara.
  2. Place the tiara in the middle of the visor.
  3. Gently adjust the bend of the tiara to match the bend of the visor.
  4. Attach the tiara to the visor by hand-stitching in several spots (potentially temporary).
  5. Try on and admire your sparkles.

All of the tiara visors are put together in the same manner and once you have the materials can easily be created in 10 minutes.

Note: Hand-stitching makes it easier to potentially temporarily attach the comb to the visor. Use hot glue for a permanent attachment.

Make a Sparkly Tiara Visor for Less than $12.00

To make the Sparkly tiara visor I ordered plastic tiara hair combs in assorted colors and glitter visors (in two different shades of pink).

Glitter Visor in Pink
Glitter Visor in Pink

Glitter Visor in Fuchsia
Glitter Visor in Fuchsia

Party Favors Tiara Haircombs
Party Favors Tiara Hair combs

The party favors tiara hair combs, at least the silver one, looked to be very similar if not the same as the tiaras that I’d seen on the pricey sparkling running tiara for sale at the Run Disney expo.

I ordered the set of plastic tiara hair combs twice. The first time they were $6.69 for 4 the first time, $6.72 for 4 the second time. The price of each of the hair combs was $1.67 to $1.68.

The Glitter visors in pink and fuchsia (other colors were a different price) were both $10.04 with free shipping.

Grand total to make the Pink Sparkly Tiara Visor:

$1.68 (tiara) + $10.04 (sparkle visor) = $11.72

The most challenging part of making the running tiara may be deciding what color combination to use with the visor and the tiara.

Since this one was for my daughter I let her come up with her color combination. She chose white on pink. I probably would have gone with the turquoise tiara on the light pink.

Make a Twinkly Tiara Visor for Less than $16.00

Turquoise Tiara Visor
Turquoise Tiara Visor for Less than $16.00

I wanted to make my own sparkly tiara visor to wear to the Girls on the Go Run, but wanted it in my favorite running color—turquoise so it would twinkle when I ran.

I also wanted to test out some of the slightly more expensive tiara combs to see what the effect would be.

These mini tiaras (also listed on Amazon as bridal combs) have plenty of sparkle and since they are made from metal they are a bit more substantial than the plastic party tiaras, so should last through many races.

Their prices vary quite a bit on Amazon and online, so shop around. If you are ordering several you may be able to get quite a few with a discount.

For my hat I used a rhinestone tiara comb and a turquoise visor:

Rhinestone Tiara Leaf Comb
Rhinestone Mini Tiara Leaf Comb

Glitter Visor in Turquoise
Glitter Visor in Turquoise

Grand total to make the Turquoise Tiara Twinkly Visor:

$4.99 (tiara) + $10.95 (turquoise visor) = $15.94

The cost of the tiara was and the cost of the Glittery visor in turquoise was $10.95. I lucked out because both of them had free shipping from the sellers.

Make a Pink Sports Tiara Visor for Less than $10.00

Fuchsia Tiara Visor
Fuchsia Tiara Visor for Less than $10.00

If you want to make one for even less (or three for the price of one of the more expensive $30.00 sparkly running tiara visors), by looking around for visors you can make one for under $10.00.

When I made this fuchsia tiar visor I found a fuchsia Decky Sports Visor on Amazon for < $8.00

With one of the plastic Party Favors Tiara Hair combs and we were able to make a pink sport visor tiara for less than $10.00.

Pink DECKY Sports Visor
Pink DECKY Sports Visor

You can still find a pink Decky sports visor on Amazon for $7.89 with free shipping under Amazon Prime.

Grand total to make the Pink Tiara Visor:

$1.68 (tiara) + $7.89 (pink visor) = $9.57

With this running visor the sparkle comes from the tiara itself, not the visor.

However, if you are like most crafters you may have some extra glitter, rhinestones, sequins or other sparkly bling from your craft stash to use to add a bit more sparkle and twinkles to this visor.

Note: If the extra bling comes from your glitter stash it still keeps the cost under $10.00

Other Visor Options

Even though we know that women runners glisten, not sweat if you are a runner who also wants the best functioning running visor to put your tiara on when making a running tiara visor, then look for a sport visor that has a sweat blocking inner layer like the Halo visor or the Headsweats velocity with a Coolmax terry headband.

These athletic visors run between $15.00 to $24.00 on Amazon. They may be a bit less expensive elsewhere, but then you pay for shipping.

Halo Visor in Pink
Halo Visor in Pink

Headsweats Velocity Visor
Headsweats Velocity Visor

One thing I don’t like about the sport visors is all of the logo branding on them, but with some creative crafting or sewing, I’m sure you can find something to use to cover them up.

Make a Sparkly Tiara Visor for Less than $10
Make a Sparkly Tiara Visor for Less than $10 Instruction Infogram


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