Mavis Dracula Makeup, Fangs and Hairstyle Ideas

Mavis Dracula
A Smiling Young Dracula

With pale skin, smokey blue eyes and short black styled hair Mavis Dracula has a very unique, Gothic (or Goth) look; this makes sense since she is a teenaged or mom-aged vampire.

Her look is one that is appealing, even as a daily look, for those who like the Gothic, Victorian, vampire (twilight) look.

Since this female vampire is very bright and enthusiastic, her gothic look isn’t dark and dreary, it is more bubbly and vivacious.

Fortunately, her make up and hairstyle doesn’t change much from when she is a teen to a mom. Her hair is just a tad shorter as a mom.

Re-creating her Gothic makeup and bob-cut hairstyle to complete your young or mom vampire costume is fairly easy to do.  Just use some basic makeup supplies, modify a wig and slip in your fangs.

Mavis Make Up & Nails

Her look as a child or a teen is very similar to that of her as a mother. She still has the big blue eyes with tiny lashes, pale skin with black lip color and vampire styled bob-cut hair.

She looks adorable as a child/teen and older and more mature as an adult.

Mavis Child and Adult
Young Vampire from Hotel Transylvania and Adult Vampire from Hotel Transylvania 2

To look like the teenage female Dracula you need:

  • Pale (white) skin
  • Short black hair, styled with bangs and a widow peak*
  • Dark smokey eye and lots of eyeliner.
  • Feathery lashes
  • Black lipstick or lip color
  • Black nail lacquer or polish

* A widow peak is a V-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead.

Vampire Hands and Gloves
Close up of fingernails, hands and fingerless gloves

As might be expected from a vampire, she has black nail lacquer or black nail polish, but on very short nails, which would be expected from a teenager.

(If you are interested in making your own fingerless gloves, see our page on DIY Sheer Fingerless Gloves with ideas for making your own.)

Mavis Fangs

Mavis close up
The Vampire Shows her Fangs

In adding fangs to a costume there are two main ways to get the vampire look.

If you want to do simple fangs for kids, then using plastic fangs are an inexpensive way to go. The big question with kids is whether or not to have the plastic fangs that glow in the dark.

One major disadvantage to using the plastic fangs that go over the teeth is that it is very difficult to talk with the fangs in.

For adults, you may want to go with the fangs that attach with denture glue to just the bicuspid teeth (the pointy ones), to create the appearance of long vampire fangs.

Vamped Mom Look

As a teen, Mavis wears dark black lipcolor, but a fun option for a more vamped up Mom look is to swap out her dark black lipstick and wear dark lipstick with a hint of color, like red or deep purple, like these two from NYX.

I found one from NYX in a matte, cream deep purple that would be perfect, because it is called Transylvania, Lip Cream

Another option is the deep red NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in a shade called She Devil.  

Mavis Hairstyle and Wigs

Mavis Hairstyle
Mavis Dracula Hairstyle

Her short black hair is styled with bangs and a widow peak, which is a is a V-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead.

Her bobcut hair is a bit shorter (1 to 1 1/2 inches) in the second movie when she is a mom (as with the image to the right) and longer when she is a teen.

To recreate her hairdo start with a short dark wig and then comb the bangs, forward and cut hair and bangs into a widow’s peak.

Smooth and shape bangs into a point, using gel or styling cream and cutting wig hair as needed.

Mavis made it really easy for people to figure out how she styles her hair, by posting her very own hair tutorial on Pinterest.

According to Mavis this is how she styles her hair (I’ve adjusted her language a bit):

Start with a long bob and flip up the ends using a round brush.

For extra volume, backcomb the top (or bend over while drying your hair to pump up the top volume).

Use styling cream to flip out the ends even more into points.

To flatten out the bangs, use a flat iron and more styling cream. 

Alternatively you can cut your hair (or wig) to create the widow peak. As seen in the make up video tutorials, most people dressing up like her wear styled wigs to achieve the teen vampire look. (You can find some who have cut their own hair in the vampire bob-cut).

Mom Make Up

As she did with her hairstyle, Mavis posted instructions for doing her own Monsterglam makeup tutorial on Pinterest, to make it easier for her fans and admirers to get her look.

The supplies she recommends to achieve her glam look:

  • Light foundation or powder (one shade lighter)
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • (False eyelashes)
  • Black eyebrow pencil
  • Black or dark purple lipstick
  • Fangs

Her recommended steps to get the glamorous look (I’ve adjusted the language a bit):

Use a light foundation or powder and apply to the face so it is one shade lighter than normal to get the pale vampire-like look.

Cover eyelids with black eye shadow from crease to lash line. Apply the color from the inside corners of the eyes to the ends of the lash line.

Smudge a thin line under the lower lash line with the black eye shadow to create depth.

Line the entire eye with black eye liner. Include the inner water lines.

Apply lots of mascara to get full, feathery lashes. (You may also want to apply short false lashes, like the Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes for extra fullness).

Put on dark purple or black lipstick over the lips. Cover with clear gloss for extra shine.

Fill in eyebrows with a black or dark brown eyebrow pencil.

Finish by adding in fangs. (See links above)

Vampire Glam Makeup Tutorials

For more details on the mom look, watch this great tutorial from Casey Holmes of The Makeup Room from Regal Cinemas, who is showing how to get the current look from Hotel Transylvania 2. 

Another recent tutorial to achieve the gothic mom look comes from Carah Amelie.

She takes us through her look for a Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

Teen Make Up

This tutorial from Zana Zur with a creepy and cute Dracula look was made before Hotel Transylvania 2 came out, so is based on when she was a teen in the first movie.

More Costume Ideas

To complete Dracula’s daughter’s costume, we have ideas for her costume whether you want to dress as the teen version or the mom version.

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