Purple Minion Makeup and Hair for the Evil Minion

Purple Evil Minion
Purple Minion with Wild & Crazy Hair

Purple face make up, gnarly teeth and crazy purple hair are among the special extra items you might need to purchase to make an evil minion costume.

For all the other details on making an Evil Minion costume, see the related page on DIY Purple Minion Costume or dressing up like the Evil Minion.

This one will just focus on purple minion makeup, teeth and hair.

Purple Minion Makeup and Teeth

Snazaroo Purple Face Paint
Snazaroo Purple Face Paint

To become a purple minion, you generally need to be painted purple, with purple face paint. Duh!

The Purple Face Paint from Snazaroo is water-based and easily washes off. Snazarro is  face paint from one of the recognized names in face paint, Snazaroo.

One way to cut down on the amount of purple paint you need to use is have a long sleeved, turtleneck top, so there is less exposed skin to cover with purple face paint.

Cover your hands with black gloves so you don’t have to paint your hands purple too.

The final face touch is to put in gnarly, crooked teeth on the bottom. The gnarly fake teeth give you minion-like teeth. With this set of 9 different false teeth sets you have have your own army of gnashing purple minions.

Black Stretch Gloves
Black Stretch Gloves

Gnarly Teeth
Gnarly Teeth (Set of 9)

On to purple hair after a short break to see how the concept for the evil minions came about.

How to Make an Evil Minion (for Despicable Me 2)

This behind the scenes look from Despicable Me 2 gives you a look at the thought process and what went into making a new type of minion—an evil one from the team behind concept for the evil purple minions.

Purple Minion Hair Styles

When styling hair to look like an evil minion, there are several different options. I found at least three different hair styles seen in the pictures of the minions below. If you watch any of the video clips about the minions, you’ll find other styles.

The styles: short and all up like the one-eyed minion, medium and down the middle or long and all over the place like different versions of the two-eyed minion.

Evil Minion Hair
Minion Crazy Purple Hair Options Short Up and Crazy, Parted and Crazy, Long, Up and Crazy

Use the Evil Minion Wig or the Purple Dude Wig below for the one-eyed minion look. The Groovy Purple Punk Wig can be teased out to create wild two-eyed purple minion hair.

Purple Minion Hair

One of the key items for the purple minion is having purple hair. Duh! For those who don’t want to dye their hair purple, getting a wig is the next best thing. The purple punk wigs are the best styles, since they already come slightly crazy looking.

Evil Minion Wig
Evil Minion Wig (Purple)

Groovy Purple Punk Wig
Groovy Purple Punk Wig

Purple Dude Wig
Purple Dude Wig

With three wig styles you can create your own family of crazed evil minions. (I think the middle model is rockin’ the Purple Punk Wig).

DIY Purple Minion Costume

 Purple Minion Costume

For more help in pulling together your own original purple minion costume see the DIY Purple Minion Costume a.k.a. The Evil Minion.

The costume page has all kinds of tips and hints for what to get and how to pull together or mash up an Evil Minion costume.

For help in making your own purple minion goggles, see the 5 Easy Ways to Make a Pair of Minion Goggles page for several simple ways to make a pair of one-eyed or two-eyed goggles.

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Costume Breakdown History

This costume breakdown tutorial was originally featured as the Make a Purple Evil Minion Costume lens originally on Squidoo now on HubPages.

Minion Images from Despicable Me on Facebook.

Make — Modify — Minions

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