Yellow Minion DIY Hair, Hats and Makeup Ideas

Turning yourself into a silly yellow minion requires a minion costume and goggles, along with a way to turn your face and head yellow using yellow makeup and some way to do minion hair to complete the costume.

The minions all wear the same overall costume, but two ways they differ are whether they are one-eyed or two-eyed and their various hairstyles, or lack of hair.

Minions and a Banana
Sleek, Spiked (Buzz Cut), Spiked – Minion Hairstyles
(Three Minions and a Banana)


These minions just show some of the more common minion hairstyles: a sleek or comb-over style, a spiked buzz cut and a spiked hairstyle.

Minion Hair Styles

For this page of Yellow Minion hairstyles, we focused on the basic hair seen on the yellow minions, not the styles when they are wearing costumes (and wigs).

  • Smooth – no hair or bald
  • Spout or Sprout
  • Spiked – Short or Buzz Cut
  • Spiked – Long
  • Sleek – a small comb over
Minions Hair Styles
Minions Hair Styles or Hairstyles
Smooth – Spout – Spiked (Short) – Spiked (Long) – Sleek


Once you’ve decided on the hair style for your minion costume, the next step is figuring out how to recreate the look using beanies, caps, hats and makeup.

Yellow Minion Hats, Hoods and Hair

If you want to make yourself look bald like the minions, there are a couple of easy options some are faster than others.

  • Yellow beanie
  • Use a bald cap with yellow makeup
  • Wear a yellow hard hat
  • Pull up the hood on a hooded sweatshirt

Choose a Yellow Beanie, Cap or Hat

Yellow Knit Beanie
Yellow Knit Beanie

Yellow Swim Cap
Yellow Swim Cap

Yellow Hard Hat
Yellow Hard Hat

A really fast, no-makeup approach is to use a yellow beanie or swim cap. Put the beanie or cap on and most of your head is now minion yellow with a smooth (no hair) hair style.

Using a hard hat as part of a minion costume is another easy option. Not only does the hat makes your minion look like a worker minion, very common in the Despicable Me films, but it also gives you a bald head.

Chenille Stems Pipe Cleaners in Black
Black Chenille Stems Pipe Cleaners (100)

Add Hair to a Beanie or Hard Hat

Black yarn or black pipe cleaners are two good options for adding in hair to a beanie, cap or hat. A black marker can be use to just create hair ‘dots’ on a beanie or hard hat.

The three easy ways to create minion hair:

  • Use pipe cleaners
  • Use black yarn
  • Use a marker to draw dots

Pipe cleaners work best for hair that needs to stand up and be positioned. These can be attached to a beanie with hot glue, but use room temperature glue if trying to attach to a latex swim cap.

For the real industrial types who don’t mind rendering a hard had unusable, drill holes in the top of a hard hat and thread through the pipe cleaners and then secure on the underside.

Yarn works well for the sleek or comb over version. It can be glued, tacked or sewn into place on how secure one wants the hair, or if a bit loose and floppy is preferred.

Drawing black dots with a marking pen (indelible or not depending on your needs) on a beanie, cap or hard hat is another fast way to create a minion style with just tiny hair stubble.

Add Minion Hair to a Yellow Hoodie or Hooded Sweatshirt

Pullover Sweatshirt in Yellow
Pullover Sweatshirt in Yellow

If you are using a hooded sweatshirt or hoodie as part of your costume you don’t need to have a yellow beanie or hat, since the hood works to cover the head.

Instead you can use the pipe cleaners to create “hair” in the style of your choosing. (Choose from the ones above)

Attach the pipe cleaners to the hood so when the hood is up, you can see hair coming out the top.

Cut the pipe cleaners to match the short, spiked or smooth comb over style.

Depending your your skill or comfort level you can either sew or use a hot glue gun to glue the cut pipe cleaners to the hood.

Yellow Minion Makeup Ideas

Snazaroo Yellow Face Paint
Snazaroo Yellow Face Paint

Turning yourself into a yellow minion requires being yellow and if you want to applying yellow makeup or face paint to turn your face, neck, ears, hands (maybe*) and any other exposed areas yellow.

One of the best face paints comes from Snazaroo. A great advantage to this makeup (face paint) is that it is water based, so it easily washes off. Snazaroo is one of the recognized and highly recommended brands in face paint.

To cut down on the amount of yellow face paint you need to use, wear a long sleeved turtleneck top, so you don’t have to paint your neck or wrists.

* Note: If you cover your hands with gloves and your wrists with a yellow top, you don’t need to paint these areas yellow.

Ashlea from Party Delights in the U.K. shows how to apply yellow minion makeup and even shows how to do create minion goggles from light and dark gray, black and white face paints.

Completing a Yellow Minion Costume Ideas

Bob is here ‘modeling’ the basic yellow minion costume (below) from the Minion Movie demonstrating all of the supplies needed.

The B.G. Minion Costume
The B.G. (Before Gru) Minion Costume

In addition to the hair and yellow make up or face paint you need:

  • Hair (or not)
  • Goggles
  • Yellow Body – (yellow top or turtle neck)
  • Denim Overalls
  • Black boots
  • Black gloves

If you look at Bob’s outfit, you can see his overalls were done in a time B. G. (Before Gru), so there is no Gru “G” on their overalls.

Don’t forget your safety goggles and gloves. If you need help making your own pair of Minion Goggles see the page with suggestions for 5 Easy Ways to Make a Pair of Minion Goggles.

ArcOne Safety Goggles
ArcOne Safety Goggles

Black Stretch Gloves
Black Stretch Gloves

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