Young Maleficent Necklace, Bracelet & Treasure Bag

Young Maleficent’s Wooden Jewelry

Some of the fun forest details in Young Maleficent costume are her adorable accessories—a wooden bead and leather (or twine) cording necklace with matching bracelet, anklet and her tiny treasure bag.

Young Maleficent’s clothing, jewelry and her tiny bag all like the fairy made them herself from whatever she can find to use in the forest—twine, twigs and berries.

Her necklace and bracelet are very reminicent of the clean simple lines seen in Aarikka wooden jewelry from Finland, which is probably why I like them so much.

I am still very surprised that the marketing and product development team did not come out with a jewelry and purse line for fans of the Young Maleficent. They could have made an eco-friendly nature line with necklace, bracelet and treasure pouch.

Since there aren’t any official Young Maleficent jewelry available, let’s see how you can make (or modify) your own Young Maleficent’s Wooden and Leather Jewelry and her treasure bag using a few basic supplies. You can make them eco-friendly by using natural wooden beads and faux leather or twine.

Make Young Maleficent’s Wooden Bead and Leather Necklace

Young Maleficent’s Bead Necklace
Rating: Easy
Time: 20 minutes

Making the necklace is pretty simple you just need a few supplies.

Wooden Bead and Leather Necklace Supplies

  • Wooden Beads – yellow or natural
  • Brown Cording – leather, faux leather, suede, cotton cord, wax linen cord or hemp cord.

Note: When choosing the necklace materials make sure that the bead hole and the leather cording are compatible.

The Yellow Round 12mm Wood Beads have a 3mm hole and the Faux Leather Cord is 3mm, so they should work.

If in doubt use thinner Brown Leather 1.5mm Cord or use wax linen or hemp cord.

Young Maleficent Necklace from Disney’s Maleficent.

Stringing the Wooden Bead and Leather Necklace

To make the necklace:

  • Randomly string yellow beads onto a leather, Ultra Microfiber or twine cord.
  • String extra clusters (1 to 3 beads) on smaller pieces of leather or twine cord.
  • Attach a few extra clusters of beads in the front of the necklace. This may be more easily done if you string the beads on wax linen.

To finish off the necklace:

  • With a long necklace tie the ends together in a knot and pull it over the head
  • With a shorter necklace tie the ends together in a knot when it is ready to be worn.
  • Make a simple loop closure – Attach a bead to on one end, create a loop on the other. To wear put around the neck and pass the loop over the bead to close.

The loop closure makes a lot of sense since a wood fairy wouldn’t have access to any fancy jewelry closures, so she would need a simple way to put her jewelry on.

Brown Faux Leather 3mm Cord
10 Feet (3.33 yards)
Round Yellow 12mm
Wood Beads (50pc)
Brown Leather 1.5mm Cord
32 feet (11 yards)

Make Young Maleficent’s Wooden Bead & Leather Bracelet or Anklet

Young Maleficent’s Wood and Leather Bracelet or Anklet
Rating: Easy
Time: 15 – 20 minutes

To complete her outfit accessories young Maleficent wears a matching wooden bead and leather bracelet and anklet.

As seen in the picture the yellow bracelet has a cluster of beads as the main focal point and a bead and loop closure in the back.

Wooden Bead and Leather Bracelet Supplies

  • Wooden Beads – yellow or natural
  • Brown Cording – leather, faux leather, suede, cotton cord, wax linen cord or hemp cord.

Stringing the Wooden Bead & Leather Bracelet or Anklet

Like the bead necklace, the bead bracelet is simple to make. To make the bracelet:

  • String several (3 or so) yellow beads on a suede or faux leather cord.
  • Create a cluster of yellow beads (like berries) if desired.
  • Make a simple loop closure – Attach a bead to on one end, create a loop on the other.
  • To wear just pass the bead through the loop.

There isn’t a really good picture of anklet, so it is probably safe to make it similar to the bracelet, with 1 to 3 beads strung on a leather cord, or with waxed linen. The one bead could be used as a loop closure.

I think the simple bead closure makes the most sense for finishing the bracelet and necklace since fairies can only use what is available to them in the woods. The video from Artbeads shows a mini tutorial on how to do a button and loop closure, just substitute the bead and you’ve got your bracelet closure.

Light Brown Faux Leather
Cord 10 Feet (3.33 yards)
Natural 12mm Wood
Round Bead
Brown Waxed Irish Linen
1mm Cord 50 Yards

Young Maleficent Bracelet from Disney’s Maleficent.

Make Young Maleficent’s Treasure Pouch Bag

Young Maleficent’s Treasure Pouch
Rating: Some Crafting Skills Required
Time: 60 + minutes

The other touch of color on Young Maleficent’s otherwise forest-brown dress comes from her small leather pouch or bag for holding all of her tiny treasures.

The small pouch looks to be about 2 to 2.5 inches height and width, so pretty small. It looks to be attached to her dress by a brown string (sewn on the dress) so she can easily tie the bag into place.

Leather Treasure Pouch Supplies

  • Leather, suede, ultrasuede or felt fabric (1/4 yard or less)
  • Sewing thread or glue
  • Embellishments – turquoise cord, natural and brown beads, feathers
  • Pouch, Bag Pattern

Making the Leather Treasure Bag

Period Patterns Bags, Purses and Pouches

The greatest challenge in making her treasure pouch is finding a pattern. The best pattern that I found is the one from Period Patterns featuring bags, purses and pouches. Patterns v, vi, xvii or xxxvi look like they would work well to recreate the bag.

Sew the treasure bag from leather, suede, faux leather  or felt according to the Period Patterns pattern or one of the free patterns that I found (listed below) which can be modified.

Alternatively you could glue the suede or felt together to make the treasure bag. Ultrasuede is very easy to work with and would make a really cute trinket bag. The 8.5 by 8.5 inch square piece is a perfect size for making one or two treasure bags.

Young Maleficent Treasure Bag Pouch from Disney’s Maleficent.

Embellishing the Leather Treasure Bag

One the bag is assembled, the fun starts with decorating.

To embellish:

  • Punch holes in the flap of the treasure bag.
  • Tie on or knot the turquoise faux leather or Waxed Cotton Cord on to the flap. Using a lark’s head knot gives you two cords to string the beads. (See video)
  • String natural and brown wooden beads on the cord.
  • Attach feathers to the end of the cord.

The macrame tutorial from Paginário show how easy it is to tie on lark’s head knot (also known as a cow hitch knot that may be tied slightly differently).

Now admire your cute treasure bag.

Making Young Maleficent Treasure bags would be a fun party activity, especially if you let the kids get creative with their own ideas, colors and patterns. We found a collection of materials that can be used to embellish the treasure bags.

Free Online Bag Tutorials

Two free online patterns that could be shrunk down to size and modified into Maleficent’s treasure bag are the Scalloped Dresden Bag from Amy at During Quiet Time, the Finch Bag from Nathalie at Fynn and minus the zippers and extra pouches the Flap Front Double Zip Pouch Shoulder Bag from Mel at All Wrapped Up.

Modify Young Maleficent’s Treasure Pouch Bag

Leather Key Ring Change Purse from Amazon

One of the coin purses that I found which could be easily modified into the young fairy’s treasure pouch is the Leather Change Coin Purse on Amazon.

At 2.25 by 2 inches in size this is a perfect tiny coin purse for a costume. Remove the keyring and chain then add the extras.

To embellish attach turquoise suede strands with nature colored beads (shades of brown) and a few feathers. (See examples above)

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Costume Breakdown History

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Young Maleficent Images from Disney’s Maleficent. See Disney Maleficent on Facebook.

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